Mumbai Guide: Goa meets Bengal at this Lower Parel delivery joint

Jul 04, 2016, 08:36 IST | Krutika Behrawala

A new delivery joint in Lower Parel rustles up lip-smacking pork and chicken-based curries from Goa and Bengal to add spice to your rainy workdays

The Curry Brothers
Food: Quirky
Service: Quick
Ambience: NA

What happens when you lock a Goan and a Bengali chef in a kitchen together? Well, they pledge to satiate hungry Mumbaikars with curries from both states, spiked with innovations from the South too, and launch a venture whose name Tarantino would approve of. That’s The Curry Brothers for you, a Lower Parel-based delivery service launched last month by Joshua D’Souza and Auroni Mookerjee (known for the Grandma Mookerjee pop-ups). From the usual suspects like Pork Vindaloo, Chicken Cafreal, Aloo’r Dom and Kosha Mangsho to an unheard-of Rasam Risotto, the menu offers curry-and-rice/parota combos along with single portions of Beans Poriyal and Coconut Rice, and a Tiffin section from where you can pick Goan Choriz, Paneer Cafreal or Chicken Corn Kebabs to stuff in a pav or a roll.

Bottle Masala Fries
Bottle Masala Fries

On a weekday afternoon, we dialled in and let out an audible sigh when we heard they do deliver to Parel East. Geared for a lunch feast at work, we ordered Pork Vindaloo (Rs 345), Rasam Risotto (Rs 275), Kaldeen Khowsuey with chicken (Rs 375), Goan Choriz Pav (Rs 200), Bottle Masala Fries (Rs 125), The Curry Brothers’ DIY Jhaal-muri (Rs 100), Cholaa’r Daal (Rs 125), Parotas (Rs 100, four pieces) and Salted Caramel & Maska-Pav Pudding (Rs 150). As promised, the food, packed in sturdy boxes and without spillage, arrived at our desk within 45 minutes via a Grab (a delivery service provider) rider.

Our order arrived in sturdy containers that survived the rain and the commuteOur order arrived in sturdy containers that survived the rain and the commute

Four cute, ladi pavs stuffed with minced pork sausages and pickled onions greeted us when we opened the Goan Choriz Pav packet. Richly spiced with a smoked flavour, the sponge soft mini pavs were heavenly. Meanwhile, a thick layer of oil not withstanding, Pork Vindaloo, too, packed a punch with its marinated succulent chunks of meat, and a huge slice of potato, flavoured perfectly in thick, spicy gravy. Served with maska pav, the dish fondly reminded us of our Goan sojourns. It also went well with the Bengali-style triangular parotas.

Kaldeen Khowsuey with Chicken

Another Goan innovation was Kaldeen Khowsuey featuring a container of Kaldeen curry infused with diced vegetables and chunks of chicken that needed to be poured over thread-thin rice noodles. Mildly spiced, with a hint of coconut, the chicken curry and noodles combination was a hit. A generous portion of crispy and non-greasy Bottle Masala Fries, supposedly doused in a quintessential East Indian spice mix (aromatic with over 30 ingredients), added a crunch to our meal.

DIY Jhaal-muriDIY Jhaal-muri

Risotto tales
A South Indian colleague dissed it as blasphemous, and rightly, the Rasam Risotto was a definite letdown; the thick risotto rice failed to do justice to the runny, tomato-based rasam that it was blended in. However, the big downer was the watery and bland Cholaa’r Daal that didn’t find any takers until the end of the meal.

Goan Choriz Pav
Goan Choriz Pav

Instead, our Bengali colleagues savoured the DIY Jhaal-muri, a version of the bhel, featuring a concoction of chopped spicy-tangy raw mango, onions and mustard oil blended with roasted rice, peanuts and a farsan mix. We ended the meal with the caramel-doused melt-in-your-mouth pudding, conjuring up images of the brothers’ redemption tales. Curry Fiction, anyone?

Timings: 12 noon to 6 pm
At: A3 Dhanraj Industrial Estate, Lower Parel (W).
Call: 65044424
Delivery Areas: South Mumbai to Santacruz (Kala Ghoda to Churchgate and Bandra to Santacruz on minimum orders of Rs 1,200)

The Curry Brothers didn’t know it was us. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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