Play it cool: Mumbai to host city's first ice cream show for pets and people

May 14, 2017, 18:25 IST | Kusumita Das

The city's first ice cream show promises goodies not just for you, but your pet too

Strawberry-chocolate ice cream roll
Strawberry-chocolate ice cream roll

As the sweltering summers walk into the second week of May, we find ourselves reaching out to every kind of cooler there is. And, what can get cooler than ice cream? It's why Niraj Agarwal, founder of event management firm WeExpress Media Group, deemed it the perfect time host the city's first ice cream show. Expect to sample no less than 100 varieties of ice creams, some of which will be alcohol-infused, and some even for your furry best pal. The idea, at its core, as Agarwal explains, is to give a platform to startups and small players in the industry to help them showcase their products.

Strawberry-chocolate ice cream roll
Beat Route ice cream

"We have been curating flea markets for startups, home-chefs and women entrepreneurs for three years now. We wanted to put the spotlight on the many unknown ice cream makers in the city. The realm of ice creams is opening up - almost every week, on an average, three outlets launch. But, beyond the immediate neighbourhood, they remain unknown. Each has its own taste and flavour concept to offer. And people are always open to variations. We wanted to create an experience, where ice cream lovers can choose from over 100 varieties from more than 30 vendors," Agarwal says.

The day-long show on May 21 will lay special focus on hand-made ice creams. "They are the ones churned by hand, and are free of chemicals and preservatives. They are made to order, as bespoke as they come. Their supply is low, but demand is rising. It's one of the strongest sub genres of ice creams in the market today," Agarwal says.

Niraj Agarwal
Niraj Agarwal

For those who want the best of both worlds, there will be rum and vodka-infused ice-creams too. And with so much indulgence for us, why should pets miss out? "We will have a special pet corner that will offer pet ice creams, essentially for dogs. They have been curated by a Bandra-based lady who runs a dog-shelter," he adds. Another draw will be a nitro ice cream machine wherein syrups will be converted into ice cream in a second. "We will also have ice cream rollers that directly roll ice creams on your plate. It will be a fun exercise to watch." Barring these, there will be a range of fruit-flavoured ice creams. "But, the fruits will be treated differently, not just as basic flavouring. They'll also be experimenting with the shapes. And this being mango season, expect to see a variety in those flavours."

WHERE: St. Joseph's Convent High School, Bandra
WHEN: 11 am to 10 pm

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