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Jun 21, 2012, 09:31 IST | Surekha S

On World Music Day, Surekha S looks at two different musically charged events, which showcase the music diaspora in our city. One hopes to create an interest in Classical Indian music among kids, while the second brings international sounds to Mumbai

Start young
Typically, when we enrol kids in an Indian music class, many tend to get bored after being tutored to sing Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, for the first few days. To change this and introduce Indian music in a less-serious manner, NCPA is hosting a three-day workshop titled Musiki: Music for kids, starting today. Through songs, life of legends like Tansen and other fun activities, kids will be introduced to Indian music, with the hope that they discover the beauty and joy in it.

Kids performing after the workshops of Musiki

“We have been hosting these workshops for the last three years and the response has been good,” says Suvarnalata Rao, head programming, Indian music, NCPA. “Many parents make the mistake of putting the kids through a rigorous training in classical music and not every kid wants to become a musician. Kids are not taught music in schools. Through such workshops we hope to introduce kids to the pleasure of engaging themselves in sounds and music,” she adds.

International DJ Tocadisco

In this workshop conducted by renowned vocalist Mala Ramadorai, kids will also be introduced to the life of Tansen, his musical journey and his compositions. Ramadorai will be teaching the kids basics of Hindustani and Carnatic music through stories, dramatisations and compositions. “Usually, in such workshops, I introduce them to a legend, in this case, Tansen, the lore and stories behind his music.

I will also teach them four compositions, which they will perform on the last day of the workshop,” she says. This workshop, she feels, is like a primer giving kids a taste of Indian music. “Many kids these days have not heard much Indian music. When in a class, I asked for the name of a musician they knew, Michael Jackson was the answer I got,” she adds.

According to her, Musikis have received a great response and some kids have come for all her Musikis. So, does it make many of the kids take up music seriously? “There have been quite a few kids who have come and asked me if I conduct regular music classes. Unfortunately, I am unable to, because I travel a lot,” says Ramadorai.

“We are not trying to make musicians. The idea is to expose kids to Indian songs and Indian music,” Rao adds. The kids will perform on June 23 at 12.30 pm.

Groove with Tocadisco
International DJ Tocadisco will make Mumbai spin to some of his most popular tunes. With over 150 international remixes, three artist albums and 30 successful worldwide singles, DJ Tocadisco has been a big name in music circles for over 15 years. Before his performance, today, he talks to us about his Indian visit, and his expectations from the crowd. Excerpts from an interview:

What should the crowd expect from you today? What kind of music will you be spinning?
Morumbi is still big. And, I always play my remixes and bootlegs. I will play House music today.

What are your favourite dance tracks and what genre of music do you like the most?
There are so many new tracks. It changes every week. I do a weekly radio show called Tocacabana. You can listen to it at I love all kinds of music. From Electronic to Jazz to Rock ’60s and ’70s... so much good music!

Have you performed in India before?
Yes, I played for the first time last year, at Goa’s Sunburn Festival. It was crazy! Beautiful location and massive crowds. They went insane when I played.

What are your expectations from Mumbai?
This is the first time I will play in a club in India. I’m always curious to see different places. But my basic experience is that all humans want to have a good time.

How was it performing with David Guetta?
I know David for a long time now. I played a lot at his parties in Ibiza and in July I will do a gig with him in Berlin / Germany. He is a very nice person. I play different kinds of music with him though.

Tell us about the Tocacabana app for iPhones?
Tocacabana is my wife’s and my event and radio show. On the app, you’ll find all the news, dates, videos, photos and music from the Tocacabana.

Are you looking forward to coming to India again?
I’m excited. I love to go to places that I haven’t been to before. My wife is always with me and we are planning to see the Taj Mahal. So, we are looking forward to coming here.

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