Mumbai: Impressing friends with dance moves proves fatal for teenager

Feb 21, 2015, 06:30 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

The 19-year-old was attempting a backflip at a public garden in front of his friends when he lost balance and hurt his neck last week; he passed away 4 days after the mishap

As a college dropout, 19-year-old Anil Sharma would spend his days roaming around with his friends and entertaining them with new dance moves. His desire to show off to his friends ultimately resulted in death, however, when he attempted a backflip, lost control and injured his neck severely.

Mumbai: Impressing friends with dance moves proves fatal for teenager

The Dombivli resident was a western dance enthusiast and would often visit Trikoni garden at Goregaon (West), where he and his friends would practise dance moves. Sharma would attend these sessions religiously and was quite popular amongst his friends for the various steps he had learnt.

Around 6 pm on February 12, he was practising a backflip when he lost balance and hurt his neck. His cousin, Hitendra (19), was not present at the time, but was informed that Anil was in severe pain. The family rushed Anil first to Life Care hospital in Dombivli, where he was kept under observation for 24 hours.

But doctors then suggested that he be moved to KEM Hospital in Parel, since his health was declining. Anil was taken to KEM a day after the mishap and was admitted to the emergency ward there. Anil had severely fractured his spine, and the doctors planned to perform a surgery, but before they could do so, he passed away on February 16, four days after his fall.

“The doctors had already told us that his condition is very critical. We didn’t lose hope, but seeing him in the agony was very painful for the entire family. We still can’t believe that a miscalculated dance move could prove so serious,” said his cousin, Hitendra.

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