Mumbai lawyers protest on jurisdiction issue

May 10, 2012, 02:18 IST | PTI

More than 5,00O lawyers affiliated to Bombay City Civil and Sessions Court Bar Association today abstained from work to protest against a Maharashtra Government legislation which limits the jurisdiction of the civil courts in financial matters to Rs 1 crore.

The Association has been demanding unlimited jurisdiction for the civil courts here for nearly three decades, arguing that courts hearing civil matters in various districts of Maharashtra have unlimited financial jurisdiction. 

The state Assembly passed an act last month to limit the pecuniary jurisdiction of the civil courts in Mumbai to suits valued upto Rs 1 crore, on the ground that they do not have the necessary infrastructure.

"We are agitating for the last 30 years without any positive response from the government and judiciary. When the cadre of City Civil Courts has been made on par with district judges who have unlimited pecuniary jurisdiction, then why there has been discrimination in Mumbai," said Amin Solkar, senior executive member of Bombay City Civil and Sessions Court Bar Association.

"Mumbai Courts have received step-motherly treatment." Few litigants and lawyers attended courts today. Only urgent matters such as extension of bail and remand were taken up.  

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