Mumbai: LGBT look for the perfect mate

Feb 01, 2015, 04:37 IST | Varun Singh

One of the largest Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender pride marches in the city yesterday saw many parents accompanying their sons and daughters

On December 11, 2013, the Supreme Court criminalised same sex in the country. Undeterred by this, when nearly 6,000 people walked on the streets of Mumbai on Saturday, it became one of the biggest Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) pride parades that the city had ever witnessed. A number of them were present with their parents, with some looking for the perfect match for their son or daughter. There were others who wished for a matrimonial for lesbians and gays, so they could find a match for themselves. There was even a couple that had got married yesterday in a traditional Marathi style.

Supporters at the parade
Supporters at the parade

The pride started from August Kranti Maidan, and covered Grant Road and Nana Chowk before coming back to its starting point. A poster held by a girl declared ‘Searching for a perfect boyfriend for my brother’. Samiksha Mirashi, Nakshatra Bagwe’s cousin, was searching for the partner for her brother. While Nakshatra wants to find his own mate, his mother Swati wants a traditional wedding, with haldi, mehendi et al. “It took me a few years to accept the reality that my son is gay. Initially, I used to curse him, but gradually learnt to accept him. It’s every parents’ dream to have a grand wedding for their child and I want the same. I have been to Europe and seen a gay marriage and that’s how I came to know that in some countries, gay marriages are allowed,” said Swati.

Marriage mantras
Vaibhav and Milind tied the knot on Saturday and came directly for the parade from the venue. “We are not scared of the society,” said Vaibhav. Milind’s cousin Neha Agre, who was present at the pride march, had also attended the wedding. She told sunday mid-day, “I stand by my brother.”

Bigg Boss contestant Sushant Digvikar’s father Pradeep was also present. “It’s his life and his choice. If he tell me he that he wants a lavish marriage, I will arrange for it and if he wants a court marriage, then I will have a grand reception,” he said. Padma Iyer, who accompanied her son, felt that there is a need for a matrimonial service for gays and lesbians. “My son wants a big fat typical Tamil marriage,” she said.

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