Mumbai: Malwani ISIS suspect who attempted suicide is back in ATS custody

Feb 11, 2016, 07:03 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Noor Mohd Shaikh tried ending his life last month by consuming rat poison before the ATS could arrest him; he was discharged from KEM two days ago

Noor Mohammad Shaikh, one of the four Malwani men who had left home to join ISIS in December, is back in custody of the ATS officials following his discharge from KEM Hospital two days ago. ATS will now decide whether to arrest him or use him as an approver in the case.

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A month ago, 32-year-old Noor had attempted suicide by consuming rat poison. Though he was rushed to a local hospital, Noor was shifted to the KEM after his condition deteriorated.

An ATS officer said, “Wajid and Noor are part of the Malwani module. Now that both are in our custody, we’ll restart our investigation. In January, Noor attempted suicide before we could arrest him so we decided not to arrest Wajid as well. His suicide bid dealt a big blow to our future course of action. Moreover, Noor claimed the ATS was harassing him.”

Taken into custody
ATS officials from the Kalachowkie unit visited KEM Hospital two days ago with Noor’s wife Rahimunnisa and helped her secure his discharge. Noor’s family have vacated their Malwani home and have moved to an undisclosed location which only the ATS is aware of. The officers have also instructed the family against speaking to the media.

An officer said, “Wajid and Noor revealed several contacts and information on the Malwani module. We even got fresh contact numbers from their new SIMs, which helped us unearth and arrest ISIS connections in India. Superiors will decide whether to arrest Wajid and Noor or use them as prime witnesses in the case.”

Number of Malwani men, including Noor, who had left their homes in October and December 2015 to join ISIS

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