Mumbai: Man dies in pool as revelry drowns out his cries for help

May 22, 2015, 20:04 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

36-yr-old Liboris Cardoz drowned in a Nalasopara resort’s crowded swimming pool on Sunday, as his cries went unheard due to loud music being played; pool had no safety markings, lifeguard was not present

A trip with friends to a resort in Nalasopara proved fatal for Liboris Cardoz (36) on Sunday. On May 17, Juhu resident Cardoz drowned in the swimming pool of a resort called Mini Goa Sheetal Samudra.

Liboris Cardoz is survived by his wife Celina and a 15-month-old daughter
Liboris Cardoz is survived by his wife Celina and a 15-month-old daughter

The deceased’s family got access to CCTV footage on Wednesday, which clearly indicates that Cardoz had tentatively entered the pool but was later sucked in. However, there were no safety markings along the pool, and neither was a lifeguard present at the time of the incident.

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The swimming pool where he lost his life
The swimming pool where he lost his life

Cardoz is survived by wife Celina, and a 15-month-old daughter. The deceased had worked with Holy Cross High School at Juhu. According to his friend Ashish Patel, “Around ten friends including Cardoz and his brother had booked (a stay) at Mini Goa Sheetal Samudra in Nalasopara (West) on May 12. I was not part of the trip they had booked for May 17.”

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The group reached the resort at 9.00 am on Sunday. Cardoz’s brother Greesham said, “The pool was cleaned after we reached. A little while later everyone started drinking and enjoying. Liboris never drinks and he was very afraid of going inside the water too. Two months back, when we had gone to another resort, he did not even touch the pool’s water. He always stayed far away from water.”

In the afternoon, Cardoz was looking for his mobile and when one of his friends traced the phone, Cardoz gave him a piece of chocolate for it. Greesham said, “He was very cool and enjoying himself. The last I spoke to him, I told Liboris to keep all the valuables in place.”

Chilling footage
The chilling CCTV footage that was recorded by the resort’s camera captures Cardoz’s final moments. At first, Cardoz tries to gingerly dip a toe into the water which is around 3-4 feet deep. He then gradually gets drawn into the deeper part of the crowded pool.

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There are a few people near Cardoz, but they assume that he is trying to swim. He calls out for help but his cries are drowned out by the loud music that’s being played at the resort. “There were more than 50 people inside and near the pool, loud music was played by the DJ and no one knew about it (the drowning).

On Wednesday, we got access to CCTV footage and we were shocked to see the whole incident,” said Greesham. At 3.15 pm, Cardoz’s body was fished out of the pool. He was rushed to Sanjeevani Hospital, Nalasopara, where he was declared dead on arrival.

Family speak
Greesham said, “The pool authority is to be blamed. There was no (safety) marking, the pool was slippery, and a lifeguard was not present at the time of the incident. We demand action against the resort’s officials.”

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Celina, Cardoz’s wife was inconsolable while speaking to mid-day, “I have lost everything. I have a 15-month daughter… where am I supposed to go now? My husband died because of the pool authority’s negligence. I am devastated.”

Cop speak
A police official from Arnala Sagri police station (Virar) said, “We have registered an ADR (Accidental Death Report) in the matter. We are taking statements. Once we are done, and if the family alleges negligence on part of resort officials, we will file a case.” Resort authorities could not be contacted for comment.

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