Mumbai man nabbed for making MMS video of actress

Sep 21, 2013, 07:29 IST | Asira Tarannum

A Vasai local was caught secretly filming a Bhojpuri actress in her changing room

In yet another attempted crime against women, a Vasai local, Anil Yadav, was caught red-handed while he was trying to make an MMS video of a starlet in her changing room. Bhojpuri actress Seema Singh was changing her costume on the sets of her film when Yadav recorded her video through an open window.

Bhojpuri actress Seema Singh

Luckily for Seema, members of her crew of the trilingual Black Moon discovered the guy in action and thrashed him before handing him over to the police. It was while she was shooting for her scenes on the sets of Rakesh Sawant’s (Rakhi Sawant’s brother) film that she had to change her costume. The actress went to her changing room in a newly opened studio in Vasai, unaware that Yadav had followed her. As soon as she reached for her clothes, Yadav swung into action.

Says a crewmember, “Seema was lucky that we caught the guy. The director and some other team members were passing by the room when they spotted Yadav. They caught him red-handed and beat him up with help from other locals. He was handed over to the cops at the Vasai police station and an NC has been registered against him.” Yadav apparently was part of the crowd that had gathered to watch the shoot.

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