Mumbai man's family struggling to get Rs 20 lakh for fresh liver transplant

Published: Dec 01, 2013, 06:49 IST | Neha LM Tripathi |

Andheri man Ejaz Bhat is staring death in the face. Three years after his wife donated a part of her liver to save him, he needs a fresh liver transplant. His sister will be the donor. The family has collected Rs 4 lakh so far by selling their jewellery. They need another Rs 16 lakh by year-end to save Bhat's life

Destiny has not been kind to this family, but they refuse to give up hope. What they need is citizens to come forward and help. Ejaz Bhat, 34, held a job before he had to quit to undergo a liver transplant operation a few months after his marriage. His wife took the brave decision to donate a part of her liver to save her husband. But after three years, Bhat discovered that his body was beginning to reject the new liver and that he needs a fresh transplant.

Ejaz Bhat

The family now spends around Rs 60,000 per month on Bhat’s medicines and is left with no source of income. His transplant operation requires Rs 20 lakh, as it’s a major and risky operation. “It’s an 18-hour-long surgery. We have collected Rs 4 lakh so far by selling all the gold jewellery we had and some savings that I had kept for our child. We have managed to collect a little more thanks to financial help of our relatives. But we still need close to Rs 15 lakh. If we fail to get him operated by the advised date then the doctors have warned us that he might die,” said his wife Rukhsar.

Ejaz Bhat had to get a liver transplant done soon after he got married. His wife Rukhsar had been the donor at that time

Ejaz and Rukshar got married in December 2009 and he had to be operated soon after in May 2010 after being diagnosed with fatty liver and excess iron content. As he still held a decent job, Bhat, a resident of Andheri, not only managed the cost of the operation and hospital charges but also took care of the travelling expenses from Mumbai to Delhi (where the operation took place). But soon after the operation he started falling sick often.

“My husband would catch cold and fever easily. So we started giving him immunity boosters as we thought that he was falling ill due to low immunity. It was only a year back that a doctor in Andheri told us that we weren’t supposed to give him immunity boosters, as the medicines that he was given were anti-suppressants. Had the treating doctors informed us before then we wouldn’t have ever given him the immunity boosters,” explained Rukhsar. The couaple now lives with Bhat’s in-laws along with their four month old son.

As his reports indicate an immediate need for a liver transplant, the family needs money urgently. “We approached KEM Hospital for treatment but their charges were as high as that at the Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. But we decided to go to Ambani Hospital as the doctor who conducted the last transplant in Delhi practices there. It is also close to our house. We have approached many NGOs and religious trusts but no one has come forward till date,” said Rukhsar.

The only ray of light is that Bhat has already found another donor. His sister has agreed to be the donor for the coming operation. What they need now is the money.

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