Mumbai MCom students get question paper based on wrong syllabus

May 01, 2015, 07:07 IST | Shreya Bhandary

A group of MCom-Part 1 repeater students have complained to University of Mumbai that their Strategic Management paper was based on the new syllabus, while they were appearing as per the old syllabus

Students taking their exams at the University of Mumbai (MU) are no strangers to mismanagement. While numerous complaints have been received this examination season about students receiving exam papers late or misprints in the question papers, a bunch of MCom-Part 1 students have complained that they received question papers according to the new syllabus, whereas they were appearing for the exam as per the old syllabus.

Some of the MCom-Part 1 students tried contacting Mumbai University officals and they were assured that the mistake would not be repeated. File pic
Some of the MCom-Part 1 students tried contacting Mumbai University officals and they were assured that the mistake would not be repeated. File pic

“Our exams spanned over two weeks and question papers of three of the four subjects were as per the old syllabus. However, we received the new syllabus question paper for Strategic Management subject and even after informing our supervisor about the same, nobody could help us,” said one of the students.

These students are appearing for their MCom-Part 1 exams as repeater students and were placed at a college in Khetwadi. “What’s worse is that after appearing for the paper, we tried contacting the centre in-charge, who was not even aware of such an incident. We were left in the lurch,” added the student.

Since Strategic Management, on April 9, was their first paper, these students were worried about finding new-syllabus question papers for the remaining three subjects as well. Some of them also tried contacting university officials and were assured that the mistake would not be repeated and students were asked to make an official written complaint about this incident.

“After the first paper, the remaining three papers were according to the old syllabus. We ended up waiting till the end to finally submit a written complaint to the university officials,” said another student. The complaint was finally made on April 23, where five of the students went to the Kalina campus to discuss their grievance. To their shock, they’ve now been told to wait another month for a reply from the university.

“How will I know if I will have to re-appear for the examination or will be compensated in marks? Last year, I could not attempt the examinations due to some family issues. But this year, I’ve worked really hard and if I don’t pass because of this error, who will be responsible?” asked the student.

Official speak
Dinesh Bonde, controller of examinations, University of Mumbai, said the matter would be placed in front of a committee and investigated. “If such a complaint has been made, we will first find out if this was a mistake on the part of the university or the exam centre. Accordingly action will be taken. Students too will be informed,” said Bonde.

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