Mentally unstable man tells security his wife wants to blow up Mumbai airport's T2

Jan 30, 2016, 11:00 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

He approached an official and gave his wife’s name, saying she was carrying a bomb; the woman is a staffer, who said he is undergoing psychiatric treatment

The rising hoax cases seem to be creating a lot of trouble for the Mumbai airport security agencies. In yet another case, a mentally unstable man informed security officials at the city side of Terminal 2 (International terminal), that a woman had entered the premises with an explosive, and that she was on a mission to blow up the airport.

Mumbai airport's Terminal 2
Mumbai airport's Terminal 2. Picture for representation

However, when the woman, who was identified as a ground staffer, was caught, she revealed that the man was her husband, who works with the BMC and is undergoing psychiatric treatment at Cooper Hospital. The police checked documents related to this and then let the couple go.

The incident took place at about 9.40 pm on Wednesday when a man named SS Shetty, approached a security official at the east side of the arrivals (city side) and said that he had seen a woman carrying an explosive with her.

Shetty even told the name of the woman, Hira Shetty. A message was circulated urgently to the control room at the new T2.

“The woman was called for investigations which revealed that she wasn’t carrying anything suspicious. During interrogation, she said the man, with the false information, was her husband, and claimed that he was working with BMC. She said he was undergoing psychiatric treatment at Cooper Hospital,” said a senior airport official.

Hira was on her way to work in the airport when her husband gave the false information to the security official.

“A special report was made and both were taken to Sahar Police station. Their relatives were called. They produced documents supporting her claim that his psychiatric treatment was in process at Cooper Hospital. Considering those documents the couple was released on Thursday,” said a police official.

Virendra Mishra, DCP Airport Division said, “Whether a call is a hoax or not, we have to follow all the procedures and take action against the caller. We carry out all investigations and then take necessary action accordingly.”

Previous case
Recently, a mentally unstable man, Sanjay Mishra was detained, after he made a hoax call about an explosive at the airport. (Read more)

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