Mumbai Metro undertake stringent safety checks

Feb 24, 2014, 22:59 IST | A Correspondent

The Mumbai Metro is undertaking stringent safety check-ups at all 12 stations ahead of the final inspection by Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety

In order to tackle emergency situations if and when they arise once the 11.07 km Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar (VAG) metro corridor is operational, the Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL) is undertaking stringent safety check-ups, which are in place at all 12 metro stations.

It should be noted that MMOPL has put in place measures like a separate Disaster Management Cell and has tied-up with multiple health care facilities for emergency services. All this will help the Mumbai Metro to tackle emergency situations and safely evacuate people during fire outbreaks, over-crowding and other major technical breakdowns.

The station premises and the facilities have been designed in a way to allow evacuation in 4 minutes in case of an emergency.

Various security vulnerabilities were also taken into consideration, like the huge passenger flow, multiple access points for entry and exit at stations, the levels inside the stations and open-system station, etc.

An official associated with the metro said, “All the platforms and concourses are also equipped with emergency exit doors so that commuters can be evacuated during any emergency situation. Stations have also been provided with doors which can be remotely opened in case of emergencies. This has been done to ensure that if any kind of smoke or polluted air gathers inside the station, it can be quickly removed.”

In case the AFC system at a station fails, additional securities can be deployed to handle the crowd situation.

Incase of Fire

Incase fire breaks out at any station, entry and exit route of the affected side will be closed by barricading the area. Passengers from the platform area evacuated from other safe sides and emergency exit route.

In line with international safety standards, Mumbai Metro One employees have been provided with a disaster management manual which has all the details about the measures that need to be taken to handle an emergency. All crisis management devices like fire extinguishers, water pipelines, ventilation systems are regularly checked through mock trials to ensure they are ready for any emergency situation.

Safety measures on the line include designing the station premises in line with the evacuation plans, provision of inert gas fire suppression systems in place along with portable fire extinguishers, stretchers, wheelchairs and ventilation facilities.

"Safety of the guests is of paramount importance to MMOPL; we are committed to the health and safety of our passengers and accordingly have planned the system to be most safe under all possible conditions through careful amalgamation of man, machine and training," an MMOPL spokesperson said.

Smoke detected in elevator at Ghatkopar metro station

Mumbai Metro ran into some trouble on Monday evening with smoke being detected in one the non-functional elevators at Ghatkopar metro station.

Smoke was detected in one of the lift shafts at the station. The authorities including MMRDA, MMOPL and the lift manufacturer immediately deployed a team to investigate the matter.

The incident taking place just ahead of the inspection by Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) for his final certification to the corridor has left the authorities worried.

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