Mumbai: mid-day report inspires 25-year-old to thrash molester

Mar 23, 2015, 06:57 IST | Shirish Vaktania

Having read about a media student dragging her attacker to the police station by the hair, HR professional Manshree Jadhav beat up a druggie who touched her inappropriately, before handing him over to the cops

For way too long, molesters have banked on women’s silence to continue with their misdeeds. Young women in the city, however, are changing that. And how.

Jadhav was having tea at a stall near her office in Goregaon at 9.30 pm on Friday when the man touched her inappropriately. Pic/Rane Ashish
Jadhav was having tea at a stall near her office in Goregaon at 9.30 pm on Friday when the man touched her inappropriately. Pic/Rane Ashish

Just a day after reading in mid-day about third-year media student Pradnya Mandhare dragging her attacker by the hair, a 25-year-old HR professional slapped a druggie and thrashed him with her sandal before handing him over to the police for touching her inappropriately.

mid-day’s report on March 19
mid-day’s report on March 19

Malad resident Manshree Kishor Jadhav, who works as the head of human resources at a Goregaon company, had stepped out for tea on Friday when the incident took place. “Around 9.30 pm on Friday, I came down from my office for a tea break with my colleagues at a stall near Hypercity mall in Goregaon (West).

A stranger, who seemed to be about 30 years old, was standing behind me and he touched me inappropriately. When I turned around to look, he gave me this stupid smile, which angered me even more, and I slapped him while dialling 100 from my cellphone,” Jadhav told mid-day.

The accused was later identified as Prashant Prahlad Roy (32), a Malad resident, who hails from West Bengal. Police also recovered a packet of drugs and a chillum from his pocket.

Beaten up
“I was really angry and so, I took off my sandal and started hitting him. The police helpline number had already connected by then, and I am sure they heard me do that. I had never seen that person near my office area or my residence. I am sure he was thinking that I would keep quiet and he could do whatever he wished with me,” said the braveheart. 

“I used the sandal to teach him a lesson. I am sure he will not molest any woman after this. My colleagues then helped me drag the man to the main road, where a police jeep was passing by, and we handed him over to the police,” said Jadhav.

A constable who was present in the jeep told Jadhav that they could arrest Roy and take action against him only if she registered a complaint against him. “After I heard that, I decided to act on the advice because forgiving him wouldn’t have been enough.

I went to Bangur Nagar police station the same night and registered a molestation complaint against him,” she said. An officer from the Bangur Nagar police station in Malad (West) said, “We immediately arrested the accused. When we searched him, we found a packet of drugs and a chillum in his pocket.

We are sure that he is a drug addict and he was under the influence when he molested the woman.” Jadhav said, “I was shocked to hear that the man had been roaming near our office with drugs in his pocket. I am sure he was out to molest women. I am happy that he is in police custody. They should teach him a lesson so that he does not even think of molesting any other woman in the future.”

“Just on Thursday, I had read about 21-year-old Pradnya Mandhare, who had stood up to her molester at Kandivli station, and the very next day this thing happened with me. I am proud of Mandhare for fighting against the drug addict and I believe every woman should do the same,” Jadhav said.

Jadhav had also lashed out against another molester a few days ago. A man was trying to touch her when she was going home in a bus. She had slapped the molester and asked him to apologise in front of all the other passengers. She let him go only after he apologised.

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