Mumbai: Minor was raped a third time, just before she hanged herself

Sep 17, 2014, 08:17 IST | Shiva Devnath

Vakola police on the lookout for third accused who raped the 17-year-old before she committed suicide; in her suicide note, she had accused her brother-in-law and boyfriend of raping her

More than a week after a minor committed suicide and blamed her boyfriend and her sister’s husband for raping her, the Vakola police are now on the lookout for a third man who raped the victim. Medical reports have confirmed that the girl had been raped before she killed herself.

mid-day’s September 11 report
mid-day’s September 11 report

mid-day had reported on September 11 that the teen had hanged herself with a dupatta from the ceiling fan. In her suicide note, the teen had written that she had been raped twice first, when she had gone to her sister’s wedding in UP at the age of 14, where her sister’s would-be husband raped her, and second, her boyfriend, who promised to marry her, raped her a few months ago and then left her.

The girl had not spoken of the first rape as she didn’t want her sister’s marriage to be cancelled. She was afraid of revealing her relationship, and the subsequent rape by her boyfriend, to her parents. Unable to confess to her parents, the girl killed herself.

The doctor of the civic-run hospital where the post-mortem was conducted confirmed sexual intercourse before death. “The post-mortem report is still pending, but primary reports from the hospital confirmed the rape after they found semen in the private parts of the victim. This indicates someone was with her in her shanty and, after he left, the girl committed suicide,” said a Vakola police official.

Police had already arrested both the brother-in-law and the 17-year-old boyfriend, who will be in custody till September 20. The girl was a FYBCom student in a Vile Parle-based college. On that day, her mother had returned home to find the door locked. She called up her husband, who broke open the door to find their daughter hanging by her neck from the fan.

Uttam Kadlak, the investigation officer, said, “Our investigation now has a new development. We are waiting for the confirmation report in writing from the hospital. It is too early to say anything about the third accused.”

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