Mumbai: Model Shikha Joshi 'practised' thrice before slitting her throat

May 20, 2015, 06:37 IST | Shiva Devnath

According to cops, post-mortem report of the model has revealed that the struggling actress took three ‘practice’ tries while looking into the mirror before finally slitting her throat from the left side

Police officials investigating the alleged suicide of model-cum-actor Shikha Joshi claim that the post-mortem report has revealed she had ‘practised’ slitting her neck three times before delivering the final blow with a kitchen knife. (Read the original story here)

Madhu Bharti (left) told police she had used her friend Anu’s mobile phone to record the video of Shikha Joshi (right) in her dying moments
Madhu Bharti (left) told police she had used her friend Anu’s mobile phone to record the video of Shikha Joshi (right) in her dying moments

According to a police official from Versova police station, the post-mortem report from the hospital has pointed out that there are three cuts on the right side of Shikha’s throat, which meant that she had tried to see if she could slit her throat from that side. Finally, she slit her throat with an 8-cm cut from the left side, which resulted in her death due to excessive bleeding, a police official said.

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Versova police have now sent four questions to the hospital that will help them further in their investigations: 1) Did Shikha kill herself or was it done by someone else?; 2) Are there any signs of sexual assault?; 3) Was she under the influence of any intoxicating substance?; 4) What is your opinion on the death? The doctors are yet to revert with answers.

The roommate
In the last three days, the Versova police have had to call Shikha’s roommate, Madhu Bharti, twice as she has been changing her statements. In her first statement, she had told police she was alone in the house when the incident occurred on Saturday.

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However, when the video of Shikha Joshi that she recorded went public, another woman was seen present in the house. Police called Madhu again to ask about this woman, and Madhu then revealed she is her friend named Pushpa Parmar alias Anu.

Further, Madhu told police that the video had, in fact, been recorded on Anu’s cellphone while she was the one asking the questions. The video was recorded after Shikha was found bleeding in the bathroom. Madhu had told mid-day she made the clip because she didn’t want to get “blamed” for the death.

Shikha’s brother Vishesh Joshi has told the police that the delay in taking Shikha to the hospital had resulted in her death.

Madhu told the police that Anu had come from Gujarat and she had initially kept Anu out of her statement because she didn’t want her to get embroiled in the matter. In her statement to the cops, Anu said Shikha seemed upset on that day and was planning to go back to Delhi, as her career in films wasn’t taking off. “Shikha spoke to Anu and then went to take a bath, where she killed herself,” police said. Cops have seized Anu’s phone.

Where’s the doc?
The Versova police are yet to register an abetment to suicide case against Dr Vijay Sharma, the Khar-based doctor whom Shikha had blamed, in her dying moments, as the cause behind her taking the extreme step. The BA Pass actress had accused Sharma of molesting her in 2011; police had even arrested Sharma then, but he was released on bail and the court is still hearing the case.

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In fact, Shikha’s mother had called between 3-4 pm on the day of the alleged suicide and Shikha had told her she had a hearing of the case coming up soon, and would return to Delhi permanently after it. Shikha had planned to sell her mobile phone to pay for the ticket to Delhi.

Police are now waiting for Shikha’s brother, who is expected to come to Mumbai within two days. “If he does not come, we will file an abetment to suicide case against Dr Vijay Sharma. We have already sent a letter to him asking him to present himself at the police station to give his statement. He hasn’t shown up yet,” said an officer from Versova police station. Police further claimed the murder angle had not been ruled out and that “all are under the scanner.”

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