Mumbai: Morphed nude pics posted online even after woman files FIR

Oct 08, 2015, 06:52 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

A 28-year-old filed an FIR at Sion police station after her morphed pictures were posted on her Facebook wall; five days later, another set of pictures were uploaded

In yet another case of cyber crime, a 28-year-old woman registered two FIRs against an unknown person who has been posting morphed pictures of her with derogatory captions on Facebook. Police officials suspect someone who is known to the girl as the perpetrator of the crime.

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The woman learnt about the morphed pictures on September 23, when she received a call from a friend who informed her that someone had posted indecent morphed pictures from a fake account on her Facebook wall. The girl looked into her profile and informed her father, who is an advocate, and the duo filed the first FIR with the Sion police.

However, five days after they filed the complaint, the same person started posting nude photos of the girl on her Facebook profile. A police officer said, “The pictures were of a woman and her male companion and the rest were completely nude ones. The girl was shocked because the same thing had happened twice in five days. They filed a second FIR with us soon after.”

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He added, “The caption on one of the pictures said, ‘keep a watch on this girl’. Because of this, we are suspecting it to be a case of revenge crime.” Senior police inspector Yeshudas Gorde of Sion police station said, “We are suspecting someone known to the girl who is behind all of this. While we have a fair idea about the accused, we do not have sufficient evidence. But we have written to the Cyber Crime Cell who will assist us in acquiring the accused person’s IP address.”

Similar fate?
Police sources said that a few years ago, a similar incident had happened with another girl from the same area, where morphed images of hers had appeared on social networking sites. The present day complainant’s father had maligned the previous victim’s image by telling everyone that she was of low character. The families of the two victims have also sparred with each other in the past. However, fate has stringed them together, since both have been at the receiving end of a similar crime.

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