Mumbai, New York, return

Oct 12, 2012, 07:42 IST | Dhara Vora

Every time I spot a classy leather bag or a heel, my heart aches, because being an animal lover, I choose to stay away from leather but the closet shopaholic in me finds it tough to resist the urge to buy, and instead, I resort to recommending it for my fellow shopaholics.

One such buy that one might succumb to are these leather slings by Tusk. Set up by Hiten Manseta, Tusk has been retailing in New York since 1990, though the products are manufactured in Mumbai in Lower Parel.

They have finally begun retailing such slings in the city, at Ensemble. What I like the most about these designs are the gold slings, which make the purses red carpet-friendly, and elegant; the clean lines and no frills-approach keep it simple too. Tusk products are available in several lush colours including ginger red, turmeric yellows, saffron, shiny blacks and blue. Kiss goodbye to boring browns.

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