Mumbai: Relief for Andheri woman and dentist who was accused of 'faulty' work

Jun 13, 2017, 16:35 IST | Sanjeev Shivadekar and Rupsa Chakraborty

Government Dental College starts process to affix fake teeth on the same implants in the 64-year-old's Andheri resident's mouth put by her dentist. The patient had earlier claimed that the dental implants were faulty

Avtar Kaur
Avtar Kaur

There's much relief, as well as vindication, for the Andheri-based dentist accused of putting faulty implants in a senior citizen's mouth, as the patient, Avtar Kaur (64), is getting dentures fixed on the same implants at the Government Dental College (GDC).

Blaming Dr Jyoti Kaur Oberoi for improper treatment, Kaur had claimed that the implants put in her mouth, on which the dentures were to be fixed, were wrong. However, post her visit to St George Hospital, doctors at the government dental hospital have initiated the process to affix dentures on those implants.

Dr Jyoti Kaur Oberoi
Dr Jyoti Kaur Oberoi

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The biting truth
"As a premier dental institute, our aim is to provide the best treatment to patients. In this case, the patient is undergoing treatment here. The jaw has accepted the implants... Soon, her dentures will be fixed," said Dr Mansingh Pawar, dean of the college.

mid-day had reported (on June 8) about Kaur's allegation against the paediatric and preventive dentist. Her daughter, Sukhjeet Bhatti, had filed a complaint with the MIDC police, Maharashtra Medical Council, Dental Council of India, state dental council and the National Commission for Women. Dr Oberoi had refuted the allegation.

"If there was any fault in my treatment and the implants were not restorable, the patient wouldn't have been able to fix the dentures on them even at the GDC. This clearly shows that there was nothing wrong in the treatment given to the patient at my clinic," Dr Oberoi said regarding the development.

Avtar Kaur (64) has not been able to eat solids for the past year. Pic/Nimesh Dave
Avtar Kaur (64) has not been able to eat solids for the past year. Pic/Nimesh Dave

When asked why the patient had complained about the treatment, she added, "God only knows why... It seems the idea was to malign my image in the community and medical fraternity."

Second opinion clarifies
The patient, however, is standing by her complaint based on the statement of Dr Milind Karmarkar, who she had later gone to for getting dentures fixed and who, in his report, had said 'the placement of the implants was not restorable as the positioning was incomplete', referring Kaur back to Dr Oberoi.

However, Dr Karmarkar, in an email to mid-day, clarified the report had been written by OPD students. "Since we can't know the exact position, size and make of the implants from the OPG (orthopantogram or dental X-ray), it was non-restorable for us, as we need special abutments or parts... Thus, I asked the patient to go back to her dentist, for ethical reasons as well," the email read.

No end to fight
Even after all these developments, the fight between Kaur and Dr Oberoi doesn't seem to be over. The patient has complained to the deputy commissioner of police and urged thorough investigations in the matter.

"Because of the faulty implants, my mother has been in a lot of pain. Such implants are done in four layers, but, in my mother's case, they were done only in three, making it impossible to affix dentures on them. I will carry on the fight," said Bhatti.

Dr Oberoi retorted, "I have not done anything wrong. I am ready for any inquiry, even from the medical experts, to prove my innocence." She alleged that the patient has been lying about being on a liquid diet. "We have video footage from two days back that shows the patient having solid food," she added.

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