Mumbai: Woman rescues baby from 'callous girl' on CST-bound train

Feb 10, 2017, 09:50 IST | Faisal Tandel

Being alert paid off for 25-year-old Monica Nath, who got suspicious when she spotted a girl holding the baby in a clumsy manner on a CST- bound local train, she handed over both of them to the Wadala GRP

The baby was rescued from a girl travelling on a CST-bound local
The baby was rescued from a girl travelling on a CST-bound local

Being alert and fearless definitely pays off. At least it did in the case of this 25-year-old woman, when she decided to call up the police on spotting a girl in rags callously holding a one-month-old baby in a local train. She handed over both of them to the Wadala Government Railway Police (GRP) at GTB railway station.

Monica Nath
Monica Nath

Suspicious odour
Monica Nath, a resident of Sion, works as a data analyst with Cognizant Technology Solutions in Airoli. The incident happened around 9.15 pm on Wednesday when she boarded a CST-bound train from Vashi. She said, “After boarding the train, I spotted a woman holding a baby girl in her arms. She was wearing extremely dirty clothes and was stinking. She wasn’t even holding the baby properly. When passengers noticed the child, she became alert and moved towards the door. That’s when I got more suspicious.”

No reply
“I approached her after the train crossed Mankhurd station. When I started enquiring about the child, she did not reply. But the moment I asked her where she would get down, she instantly said Kurla. When she tried to get down at Kurla, I stopped her. Then I called up 103 and informed the police. After we got down at GTB station, I approached the station master.” It was around 10pm when the police arrived and took the girl to the Wadala GRP station, where she was questioned.

Take a shower, please!
A senior Wadala GRP officer said, “As the girl, identified as Rajnandini, was stinking, we asked her to take a bath first. When asked about her address, at first she said Uttar Pradesh but later mentioned Pune. We are not sure of the number and details provided by her. She could be mentally challenged, as she couldn’t answer the questions properly. She claimed that the baby was her daughter.”

Senior inspector of Wadala GRP, IB Sarvode, said, “Both of them underwent a medical examination at Sion Hospital. After being produced in court, the girl was sent to a rehabilitation centre in Dongri, while the child was handed over to Indian Association Promotion of Adoption And Children Welfare in Matunga. The matter is being investigated further as we doubt whether it’s her child.”

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