Mumbai: One-ways, narrow roads, and the woes of F south Ward

Oct 17, 2016, 10:52 IST | Gaurav Sarkar

With vehicle volume high, traffic crawls; rule-breakers often get away without so much as a reprimand

A biker breaches the barricade, set up to regulate traffic, near Currey Road bridge. Pics/Datta Kumbhar
A biker breaches the barricade, set up to regulate traffic, near Currey Road bridge. Pics/Datta Kumbhar

The ward has for long been plagued by three perennial problems: traffic snarls, narrow roads and late night festivities. Since it has a large number of corporate offices, it sees a high volume of vehicles at any given time. Combine this with multiple one-ways and narrow roads, and you have a traffic nightmare on your hands. Despite the presence of traffic constables, most roads groan under the weight of incessant jams for most hours of the day. During the monsoon, Parel sees severe waterlogging. The ward also has a large number of decades-old chawls, each housing 50-200 families.

Motorists and pedestrians jostle for space near the ward office at Parel junction
Motorists and pedestrians jostle for space near the ward office at Parel junction

Baleful bridges: Residents claim that rather than helping out commuters, road overbridges in the ward are a bane. A prime example of this is the Currey Road bridge, which sees sluggish traffic all through the day. During Ganesh Chaturthi, this bridge is turned into a one-way to allow smooth traffic flow, but adamant bikers, on the lookout for shortcuts, force their way in through barricades. Traffic on the adjoining bridge outside Parel station, too, is as just as bad; commutes take over half an hour to cover the stretch.

Traffic troubles: Multiple one-ways force commuters to take longer routes. Traffic slows down to a crawl from 6 pm-9 pm on weekdays near Parel junction, Currey Road bridge, and the road outside Chinchpokli station. Commuters are often caught in a vicious cycle — frequent congestions mean a large number of vehicles are plying, which further choke traffic.

Festive fervour: The ward doesn’t hold back when it comes to loud, in-your-face festivities. Some of the grandest Ganesha idols can be found in Parel. Besides, a larger number of smaller households and housing societies celebrate with equal zeal. Regardless of the scale of festivities, blaring speakers are a given, even late into the night.

Residents speak

Prakash Hatkar, Resident of Parel
Gutter pipeline leaks are a frequent problem. There is a leak every three months. A lot of the sewage spills onto roads and stinks up the locality. The BMC had repaired the pipeline, but leaks come up frequently. There was one just last month. Besides, Currey Road bridge is always jampacked, despite the presence of traffic constables.

Sid Pallav, Resident of Chinchpokli
Traffic is the only sore point here. At one point during Ganesh Utsav this year, a number of festivities were held simultaneously in the neighbourhood. One side of the road was blocked for this, which disrupted traffic even further. Residents are frequently disturbed by late night loud music during festivals.

Pradeep Thakur, Resident of Parel
Traffic snarls near Parel junction are a common feature. Sometimes, it takes half an hour just to cross a signal. The change in BEST routes is affecting commuters. Earlier, there were two buses plying from Hindmata, but now begin near Sharda Cinema. On the plus side, there are over 10 gardens in the locality, and they are maintained well.

Mahesh Shinde, Resident of Parel
Civic workers take out the drainage line when they clean the gutters. That brings out all the sewerage. Usually, that is left on the road. Residents usually take a longer route around the pipeline to avoid it.

F south Ward
MMGS Road, Dattaram Lad Marg, Central Railway line, BPT boundary

Wards and corporators: 201 Shweta Shyamsundar Rane, 200 Vaibhavi Vijay Chavan, 199 Hemangi Hemant Chemburkar, 198 Sanjay Ambole, 197 Nandkishor Vichare, 196 Pallavi Mahendra Mungekar, 195 Sunil More

Population: 4,77,136

Area: 14 sqkm

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