Mumbai: Over 1,200 illegal political posters, hoardings pulled down by BMC

Oct 10, 2014, 09:10 IST | Laxman Singh

With the model code of conduct having kicked in last month, the BMC began pulling down all illegal hoardings, but is yet to take any action against the culprits

Although the Bombay High Court, in February, had ordered political parties to refrain from defacing the city with promotional hoardings and posters, its order seems to have fallen on deaf ears. last month, the BMC pulled down as many as 1,237 political banners, posters, flags and hoardings placed across all 24 municipal wards.

With the model code of conduct for the elections having kicked in with the announcement of the poll dates on September 12, the BMC began pulling down political hoardings and posters. Between September 1 and 30, the BMC pulled down a total of 3,638 illegal adverts, including hoardings, banners, posters and wall paintings, of which over 30% were political, while the others had social, religious or commercial material.

The BMC’s licence department is, however, yet to take action against the culprits. Last year, the civic body had filed police complaints against the erring political parties, but no complaints have been filed for the recent cases so far.

BMC speak
“Action against illegal banners and hoardings will continue in the coming days as well. We are in the process of filing police complaints. Our office is preparing a list of people who had put up the hoardings illegally,” said Licence Superintendent Sharad Bande.

The maximum number of banners and posters 212 were removed from N ward (Ghatkopar). With several religious festivals in the past few weeks, most of the hoardings contained festive wishes or appeals for votes.

Political parties had also filed affidavits with the HC, assuring that they would not put up any hoardings in the city without permission. However, it remains to be seen how well they keep their word from here on.

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