Mumbai police use cool cab to nab criminals

Sep 14, 2014, 07:38 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Criminals, who till now got alerted whenever they saw a white jeep in their vicinity, are now getting deceived by this latest modus operandi adopted by cops to trace criminals

The Mumbai police has often been glorified in Hindi movies and television serials, but in an attempt to show them as authentic as possible, the movies and serials often reveal the modus operandi adopted by cops to trace criminals.

Police officials started using a cool cab since last month
Police officials started using a cool cab since last month

The result actual criminals end up learning many more facts about cops and manage to give them the slip. Now, to teach them a lesson, the Mumbai police, which till recently used vehicles such as Scorpio, Gypsy, Qualis and Bolero to catch the accused, have now started using a cool cab since last month.

“Thanks to movies and serials, it’s a known fact that the police uses these vehicles. So, in reality, whenever criminals would see a jeep or a Scorpio in their vicinity, they would run for cover. So we hired cool cabs from rental agencies. Soon, we decided to have a cool cab of our own so that we can use it anytime anywhere,” said a crime branch officer, on condition of anonymity.

Earlier, cops would use their private vehicles for operations so that the accused don’t notice them. But that wouldn’t work as the cars had the police sticker on them, which would help cops to park in no parking lanes and pass through toll nakas without paying any money. Cops have registered the cool cab on a tourist permit.

“At times, criminals have taken our cool cab, which is driven by a policemen in civil clothes, for their missions without realising that we are watching them. We have managed to bust quite a few rackets this way,” said a senior crime branch official.

The vehicle proves to be handy for the Crime Intelligence Unit and Anti Extortion cell of the Mumbai Crime branch who keep a watch on criminals. “Now, we are using just one cool cab. But in the near future we are likely to increase the number,” added the officer.

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