Mumbai: Producer 'steals' Rajkumar Santoshi's Mercedes with the driver!

Jan 16, 2015, 07:07 IST | Asira Tarannum and Shiva Devnath

Rajkumar Santoshi owed around Rs 15 lakh to another producer, identified as Jain, which the latter had gone to collect; but when he did not get the money, he took the car

Producer Rajkumar Santoshi may well have felt he was in the middle of the plot of one of his movies on Thursday when he realised his Mercedes and driver had been ‘abducted’ by another producer.

Rajkumar Santoshi
Rajkumar Santoshi

Like most movies, the car and driver were later found in an all’s well that end’s well ending.

Police said Santoshi owed around R15 lakh to another producer, identified as Jain. Jain had gone to meet him at his Juhu office. But when he did not get the money, he went to Santoshi’s driver and asked him to drop him at Andheri.

Police said outside the gates of the compound, he took the wheel and asked the driver to sit beside him. Later he switched off the driver’s and his phones.

This happened around 4 pm and later Santoshi realised the car and driver were missing. He informed the Juhu police station. After the information was relayed on the wireless, cops began checking the roads. They found the car with the producer and driver at Marine Lines around 7 pm.

“Santoshi owes money to the producer; since he was not giving it, he (Jain) took his car along with the driver,” said a source. Police said both the producers settled the matter and the case was not pursued after that.

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