Mumbai: Railway extension project to hit commuters

Mar 08, 2015, 07:45 IST | Shashank Rao

Schedules of Harbour and Western-line trains will go for a toss owing to the construction work

Commuters of Western and Harbour lines should brace for some hard times over the next two months. The railway authorities will start work on the extension project, whereby harbour line platforms, which can now host only 9-car trains, will be able to accommodate the 12-car ones. Construction work will begin today.

Mumbai: Railway extension to hit Western, Harbour Line commuters

However, this also means rescheduling and cancellation of trains. “We have changed the timetable as required to complete this work at Mahim station,” said a Western Railway official.

“This work is expected to continue for at least two months,” said Sharat Chandrayan, chief PRO, Western Railway. During these two months, the WR authorities will reschedule train timings — wherein three train services shall be cancelled and one additional service will be provided from March 8. On Sundays, the work will be part of the weekly mega block.

Three trains — one leaving Borivli for Andheri at 12.34 am, one leaving Bandra at 4.28 am for Borivli and the train leaving Bandra at 6.58 am for Bhayandar will be cancelled. The WR will provide an additional train, which will leave Andheri at 11.53 pm and arrive at Bhayandar station at 12.24 am.

This service will run fast between Andheri and Borivli stations This Rs 860-lakh project will involve realigning of tracks, extension of platforms, and changing the signal poles.

The two harbour line platforms of Mahim station will be extended and the three stabling lines at Mahim, where trains are parked at night, will be removed during the extension. At Bhayandar and Virar the stabling lines will be replaced.

A major chunk of work, as far as extending the platforms is concerned, will happen at Wadala and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. At Wadala the railways will also carry out realignments near the station premises.

Once the extension takes place, the railways can operate 12-car trains on Harbour line as well. In this year’s Union Railway Budget, a sum of R10 crore has been allocated for extensions to accommodate 12-car trains on Harbour line.

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