Mumbai Restaurant Review: This new cafe in Khar offers Continental food with reinvented local classics

Feb 06, 2017, 08:37 IST | Shraddha Uchil

A new cafe in Khar offers diners a mix of regular Conti fare and some reinvented local classics

The interiors are bright and colourful. Pics/Shraddha uchil


FOOD: Flavourful
AMBIENCE: Cheerful
COST: Reasonable

The city seems to have been hit by a wave of new eateries in the new year. Joining the list is Kettle & Keg, a month-old all-day dining space in Khar, which we decide to check out on a weekend afternoon. Although it's empty when we arrive, we are seated outdoors because, surprisingly, all the tables indoors have been reserved. We don't mind it so much because the awning keeps any sunlight away.

The extensive menu features Continental fare, with revamped versions of a few local favourites thrown in. As of now, the restaurant serves beverages like smoothies, shakes and iced teas, with wine available on weekends.

3 Cheese Lamb Burger

To begin with, we get the Keg's Signature Missal Pav (Rs 210), an interesting take on the Maharashtrian staple. Served with miniature laadi pav (made in-house), this version replaces the moth beans (matki) and potatoes with sago (sabudana). Tempered perfectly and topped with potato sticks (salli), the dish is not too fiery. Among the charcoal grilled meats, which our server recommends, we try the BBQ Beef and Chilli Lime Marinade (Rs 415). This one has potential — the charred carabeef is juicy and flavourful, marred only by the fact that it was slightly chewy.

Banana Leaf Wrapped Indian Salmon with Berry Pulao

We also order a Banana Leaf Wrapped Indian Salmon with Berry Pulao (Rs 550). While the fish is fresh and coated in piquant chutney, the pulao falls short because it replaces the traditionally used barberries with dried cranberries. The highlight of our meal is the 3 Cheese Lamb Burger (Rs 415), which features succulent lamb kebabs topped with cheese and slathered in hung curd.

Kettle &Keg leaves us confused. It appears to be a regular Continental restaurant trying hard to fit in with the cool boys, who are doing something different. However, going by how popular it seems to be with diners owing to its family-friendly menu and ambience, we don't see it going anywhere anytime soon.

AT: Shop 1, Celeste Building, Plot 470, Kinchin CHS, 14th Road, Khar (W).
TIME: 9 am to 12 am
CALL: 61344824

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