Mumbai's latest gourmet food delivery service, The White Glove

Oct 20, 2013, 09:42 IST | Moeena Halim

It brings you the spiciest sauce in the world, delectable olive oils and Florence's finest coffee

Pop open the bottle of lemon-enhanced extra virgin olive oil and you’re treated to a deliciously citrusy aroma. “It’s one of my favourites,” claims Viveck Shah, founder, The White Glove (TWG). And as we take a bite of our grilled fish, drizzled lightly with the delectable oil, we can see why.

Apart from whole and minced truffles, White Glove also offers Tartufata, a truffle and cheese paste

No longer interested in the family business, the self-confessed foodie decided he wanted to “do something in the gourmet industry.” On a trip to South Africa last year, when he walked into the Morgenster olive estate, he knew where to start. “I began exporting their products — a range of olive oils as well as their balsamic vinegar,” reveals Shah, who retails these products for approximately Rs 500 for 250 ml. And then about four months, he set up The White Glove, a gourmet foods and beverage brand that offers products that aren’t easily available in the market. Shah, who hopes to set up a retail store in Colaba within the next month and a half, takes orders over the phone or via email and gets them delivered to your doorstep.

Dave’s Pasta Sauce

“I also wanted to offer something more exclusive. That’s when I thought about introducing truffles in the market,” says Shah. While his initial plan was to target hotels and restaurateurs, the gastronome was pleasantly surprised to find individuals keen on his truffle sauce infused honey, butter and salt. “I think the awareness about truffles has spread considerably. You might walk into a restaurant like Two One Two and have their truffle pasta and think I want to make that at home. And now you can,” the 27-year-old adds with enthusiasm.

Shah is equally pleased with Dave’s Gourmet sauces (priced between Rs 415-680), something he made sure he picked up for his kitchen each time he visited the US. “Did you know that Dave’s Ghost Pepper Jolokia Sauce is considered the spiciest sauce in the world? Forget your Sriracha Sauce and all that, just one drop of this is enough,” claims Shah, who believes that Dave’s Insanity sauces would fit the Indian palate perfectly.

The most recent addition to TWG’s menu, are Mokaflor coffees. “In Mumbai, at the moment, you get virtually nothing but Lavazza. I was keen to introduce the city to different blends,” explains Shah, who decided to go with the Florentine roasting company. Apart from the regular blends, Shah also offers premium coffees like Kopi Luwak (priced at Rs 19,500 for 250g) and Jamaica Blue Mountain (Rs 7,500).

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