Mumbai: School bus association to go on strike on March 8

Feb 27, 2016, 21:35 IST | Pallavi Smart

On March 8, for students who use school buses,  parents will have to look for an alternative arrangement. 

On March 8, for students who use school buses,  parents will have to look for an alternative arrangement. 

The School Bus Vahtuk Mahasangha (school bus association) has decided to go on strike on the day protesting invalid harassment of school bus contractors and drivers at the hands of RTO. 

According to the association members those who are following regulations are rather being harassed by authorities while unapproved and out-of-regulation vehicles are running fine.  While the association complains of financial harassment by authorities,  it is condemning the instability under the new government due to which every now and then there are new officers unaware of latest regulations. 

Moreover,  association also alleges indecent behavior with their drivers by police officials on road while demanding for vehicle papers.

President of the Association,  Anil Garg said,  "It seems like police and RTO are targeting school buses on road.  They stop it demanding for papers,  talk inappropriately with drivers.  Drivers are harassed for things like why does the vehicle has only photocopies of the documents.  Everybody keeps photocopies fearing losing originals.  If want they can be produced anytime.  On one hand there is RTO and on the other it is education department which keeps adding new rule.  We would be glad if authorities actually took efforts and came cracking down on vehicles which do not have approvals instead of harrowing all."

Explaining the finances harassment,  Garg told,  "The permit for field trip which costed Rs.  200 per day before has been suddenly increased ti as much as Rs. 1000. How are we suppose to survive. It will eventually be charged to students and then parents will complain.  So many school have hence stopped field trips."

The association has already written to government about their issues on February 21.  But there is no response. Garg further continued,  "The new government never has proper dialog.  We are tired of approaching this government to resolve our issues."

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