Mumbai school-girl molestation: We fear for our children's safety, say parents

Jan 20, 2013, 09:38 IST | Shailesh Bhatia

A day after a three-year-old girl was sexually assaulted and molested inside her school bus by the bus cleaner, anxious parents of the prestigious Juhu school have now decided to take turns to accompany the children in the school bus as a precautionary measure

They say they want to make sure no one dares to try anything similar in future. The school too has assured parents that a female staff member of the school will henceforth be present on all buses plying pre-primary students, over and above the usual female attendants already assigned to each bus.

Anxious parents of the children who study in the Juhu school say that they will accompany their children to school. Representational Pic

The three-year-old girl was molested inside her school bus on Thursday by bus cleaner Ramesh Rajput while on her way back home. The parents lodged a complaint after the girl told them what had happened, a day later.

Requesting anonymity, one of the many parents who had turned up outside the school on Saturday, said, “The school has suggested delegating a responsible staff member on each bus plying the children to and from school, but we have lost faith. It is unimaginable that this kind of an incident can happen to a child enrolled in such an affluent and well-known school. We fear for our children’s safety.”

She added that hundreds of parents linked up on chat on Saturday to confirm that they would volunteer by turn on every bus. “Though we fully understand that the school cannot be entirely blamed for the unfortunate incident, we as parents have a duty to personally safeguard the safety of our children. Each parent will have to sacrifice just a few hours in a year for this. It’s not much when it’s a question of protecting our children,” she said.

Meanwhile in a note issued to parents, the school admitted that lady attendants are always present in all school buses and in this case too, the female attendant had witnessed the incident and forced the cleaner to move away. The child arrived at her stop soon after. 

Are our children safe?

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