Mustafa Dossa's 'wife' Shabina says she's over him, finds new husband

Jun 29, 2017, 10:40 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

1993 Mumbai serial blasts' mastermind Mustafa Dossa's alleged wife Shabina has a new husband now; tells mid-day she doesn't want to talk about him anymore

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE Shabina Khatri accompanying Mustafa Dossa in a train
PICTURE EXCLUSIVE Shabina Khatri accompanying Mustafa Dossa in a train

"No. I am married now. Please don't text me again asking about him. I have started my new life," Shabina Khatri, alleged wife of Mustafa Dossa told mid-day on Wednesday upon being asked if she was in touch with him before he passed away. When mid-day prodded her to ask if they'd ever been married, she didn't reply.

If asked the same in January this year, she probably wouldn't have said the same. The much-younger Khatri had posted a picture with Dossa on her Facebook profile, where she was asked her if she was posing with her father, to which she replied saying that was her husband.

She'd even sneaked away to meet him on a train while he was being escorted to Porbandar in Gujarat for a court hearing.

mid-day had reported about the meeting on January 2, when policemen escorting Dossa had looked the other way while he spent a night with Khatri. She had even updated her Facebook status to show she was at Porbandar, writing "Love in the AIR", with several romantic emojis.

All of that love seems to be a thing of the past now. According to sources, Khatri is now married to one Fida Hussain, whom she met three to four months ago in Goa, where Hussain owns a club. After meeting a few times, they began dating and got married two months ago. Khatri has also changed her name on Facebook to Shabina Fida Hussain.

After mid-day reported about Khatri and Dossa's train date, the court had ordered a detailed report to be filed on the matter. After the first report was filed, the court questioned whether the photograph and the registry entry in jail were legally admissible evidence. The judge also raised suspicions of it being 'a case of impersonation'. The judge also pointed out loopholes in the police inquiry and passed an order, directing the police to ascertain their marital relationship.

The cops filed another report, saying although they couldn't ascertain whether the two were married, they had found that the marriage certificate Khatri used didn't bear the signatures of witnesses, thereby rendering it invalid.

"This marriage certificate was the document used to meet Dossa in prison. Unless one is related to a prison inmate, one is not allowed to meet him/her," explained a senior police officer.

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