Mumbai sex racket: Pimps sent victims to Dubai on fake passports

Oct 15, 2016, 11:35 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

Advocate Abha Singh opposes bail of arrested accused in the Lokhandwala sex racket case on the ground that it appears to be a bigger scam than originally thought of; court to hear arguments

Mumbai sex racket accused
The police arrested the four main accused — brothers Jitendra Thakur and Vimal Thakur (in black scarves), Anju Thakur and Poonam Thakur

More twists seem to be emerging in the Lokhandwala sex racket case. Advocate Abha Singh, appearing for the 23-year-old victim whose revelations unearthed the racket, yesterday opposed the bail application filed by the accused arrested in the case.

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She told the sessions court that the accused had made fake passports of the girl on which the latter travelled to Dubai thrice, and thus, it appears to be a bigger scam. The court has allowed Singh's intervention and will hear arguments on it today.

Three trips to Dubai
Speaking to mid-day, Singh said, "I had filed an application before the court, stating that I need to appear on behalf of the victim, just to assist the court. I pointed out that the accused who were arrested in the case had made a fake passport of the victim and sent her to Dubai thrice. The documentation is fake and done without any verification from the passport office. Thus, there appears to be a bigger conspiracy, with passport agencies possibly involved; thus, we oppose the bail."

Modus operandi
The accused had agents in villages and cities across the country, including Agra, Kolkata and Delhi. They would keep an eye out for financially weak families having young daughters. They would then pose as NGO workers and tell the unsuspecting families that they would take the girls to Mumbai and provide them with a better life and education.

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Once in Mumbai, the girls would be forced work as housemaids. Their ordeal would get worse after they would hit puberty, when the girls would be pimped out as virgins to the highest bidder.

After that, they would be trapped in the prostitution ring. They would be sent to dance bars all over the city, and some would even be sold to bidders across India and in countries in the Middle East.

Case diary

The Crime Branch (Unit IX) had organised a raid after it got a call from the top brass of the Mumbai police and was asked to get in touch with the woman who had escaped from the people who had pushed her into prostitution and were holding her in one of the flats in Andheri's Lokhandwala for years.

On her direction, officers raided one of the flats and arrested four accused — brothers Jitendra Thakur (37) and Vimal Thakur (47), and women operatives Anju Thakur (43) and Poonam Thakur (45).

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