Mumbai gets a 'Singham'! Bihar supercop gut punches Nigerian drug ring in style

Feb 11, 2017, 06:00 IST | Asif Rizvi

Within two weeks of taking over the Anti-Narcotics Cell in Mumbai, Bihar supercop Shivdeep Wamanrao Lande has managed to arrest 12 Nigerians for drug peddling

Shivdeep Wamanrao Lande

Ajay Devgn, step aside. Bihar's Singham is in town. Shivdeep Wamanrao Lande is being discussed in super-cop circles for having effectively managed to dismantle the Nigerian drug module long operating in the notorious Wadi Bunder area. After taking over ANC on January 17, his team has nabbed 12 of 24 suspected Nigerian drug peddlers. Their latest feat is the arrest of four operatives on February 7.

Previous attempts by the police to crack down on drug peddling in the area had left them with egg on face, with the Nigerian peddlers proving smart and agile. In fact, the cops have even had refrained from raiding dens and only 23 Nigerians has been picked up throughout 2016.

New strategy comes in
ANC officials say credit for the turn of events must go to Lande. “Following the arrest of these 12 peddlers with highly addictive substances, we have busted a module involving mostly foreign nationals who have been operating in South Mumbai,” said one officer requesting anonymity.

Another officer from the ANC said, “On taking charge, he visited all five ANC units across the city and met up with officers. He also ordered that the network of informers be activated to gather information from all possible sources. While studying the city's prominent drug peddling areas, he found that Wadi Bunder near Sandhurst Road station was worst hit. When officials raided the spot, the peddlers got violent.”

A modest Lande, meanwhile, refuses to take credit. “It is team work that yields positive results. The officials of the department have been doing a great job.”

Shivdeep Lande with his team

Module down
Following the successful arrest of seven peddlers on January 29 including Peter Gwedima (30), Basel Udwaka (28), Naunso Siba (32), Lawson Gwede (29), Chendu Okechekwo (29), Chenedu Okonokowo (30) and Fransis Noed (40), 104 gm of Meow Meow and 38 gm of cocaine worth R3.98 lakh was seized from them. This also led the team to their next arrest — Chicwudi Frankin (24), who was nabbed with 25 grams of cocaine valued at R1.25 lakh on his person.

However, unaware that their gang members has been nabbed, on the morning of February 7, four peddlers reached the same spot to conduct business, about which Lande received a tip-off.

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The officials swung into action, and this time, nabbed all four with no one managing to get away. “On reaching the Wadi Bunder bridge, we saw that they were having a discussion. We halted the vehicle and quickly got hold of all four, giving them no time to figure what was going on,” said an ANC official from the Azad Maidan unit.

The arrested were identified as Uzoigav Viset (28), Basil Oniakboso (26), Juber Gifa (41) and Daniel Emenike (33), who have been sent to police custody till February 18.

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