Mumbai: 'Sorry, we can't solve your mobile theft case,' GRP tells complainant

Apr 17, 2015, 14:40 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Three months after he filed an FIR for his stolen phone, Andheri railway police told the citizen they can't solve his case; complainant alleges cops told him the theft of his Rs 25K-phone was insignificant

When an Andheri resident’s mobile phone was stolen on a running train, he approached the railway police in the hope that they would be able to help. Imagine his disappointment then, when three months after the incident, he got a letter from the Government Railway Police (GRP) informing him that they were giving up on the case.

Khadak Singh
Khadak Singh

The complainant, Khadak Singh claimed, that to add insult to the injury, the police even told him that although his grievance was genuine, phone thefts were ordinary and several such complaints came in every day.
“It was a Rs 25,000-phone, bought with my hard-earned money.

The police is taking it very lightly; they should do their duty and investigate,” said Singh. On January 11, around 2.56 pm, he boarded a train at Vile Parle station to go to Elphinstone station. The second-class compartment was full and Singh was trying to push his way in when someone snatched his phone from his trouser pocket and fled.

‘Not helpful’
“Initially the Andheri railway police were not even registering an FIR. Only after a lot of pressure did they file my FIR,” said Singh. Months passed without any news, until April 10, when he received a letter from the cops that stated, “We found your case to be genuine.

However, we could not trace the accused and therefore we have stopped investigation in the matter for now.” “First they refuse to file an FIR and later they sent such letter; what are the police up to?” questioned Singh.

Cop speak
Senior Police Inpector Prakash Kirdat of the Andheri GRP said, “The case is over three months old, so as per the law, we have temporarily put a hold on it. We have not stopped all investigation; if a lead comes our way, we will pursue it.”

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