Mumbai spirit delights 69-year-old; helps him collect Rs 40,000

Jul 02, 2013, 08:40 IST | Mahalakshmi Subramanian

Swapan Sett, who plays the violin and paints to fund his wife's cancer treatment, would make around Rs 7,000 on one trip; he left the city with tears of gratitude

Swapan Sett -- the 69-year-old who travels across the country to play violin, sell his music CDs and his paintings to raise money for his wife’s cancer treatment -- has been able to collect Rs 40,000 in a week in Mumbai this time.

Swapan Sett
A parting gift : Swapan Sett got a pleasant surprise when Naresh Hassani, a Mumbaikar, came to CST station to meet Sett and donate money for the cause just as the violin player was leaving for Kolkata yesterday evening. In return, Sett gave Hassani three of his music CDs. Pic/Suresh KK

He frequents the city for his wife’s treatment and this time he was overwhelmed when people came forward to contribute in cash and kind after reading about his difficulties in a MiD DAY report on June 27 (69-year-old plays violin to raise funds for wife’s cancer treatment.)


“Usually, I am able to make around Rs 7,000 during my regular trips. But this time, I have got around Rs 40,000, thanks to the people of Mumbai. I am grateful to MiD DAY as it was a medium to let people know the motive behind what I do. My efforts this time got channelised in the right direction,” said Sett, adding, “I also got introduced to many people this time who will help me to showcase my art in future.”

“I got calls from many people who wanted to buy CDs. They also told me they would want to send me some amount as a token of respect. I was humbled by such a response.” People came to meet him at his regular haunts in the city to buy his CDs and give orders for paintings.

Jayesh Mistry, a city-dweller, met him in Sukh Sagar restaurant in Chowpatty yesterday. “I am a music lover and earnestly wanted to buy his CD after I read his story in MiD DAY. I was planning to meet him on Sunday itself but due to transportation issues I couldn’t, as I stay at Kandivli. The next time he comes to Mumbai I will try my best to do something to arrange his performance,” he said.

Sett, who left for Kolkata yesterday, will be back in two months. When asked about whether he will continue what has been doing, he said, “I still have responsibilities, so my journey will continue. Also, if I do not do this, I will have nothing to keep me occupied and I cannot stay at home.”

The journey so far
Swapan Sett, a 69-year-old violinist and painter, travels across the country showcasing his music and art. Sett plays his violin trying to convince people to buy his music CDs. He also sells oil paintings and pencil sketches to raise money for his wife who was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2002. As they are based in Kolkata, he, along with his wife, visits the Tata Memorial hospital in Mumbai for her check-ups regularly. 

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