Mumbai sports club members cry over extra charge for onions

Updated: Jan 25, 2015, 09:35 IST | Varun Singh |

Members of the posh Worli-based NSCI sports club have taken affront that they weren’t served free onions with their chhole bhature at the club’s Delhi restaurant

If you lightened your pocket by Rs 35 lakh to Rs 50 lakh in order to join the folds of a prestigious sports club, the least you’d think you were entitled to is honorary onions alongside your meals.

The complaint the group from Mumbai penned against the New Delhi NSCI on November 22; the name of the main complainant has been blurred on request
Can’t do without kanda: The complaint the group from Mumbai penned against the New Delhi NSCI on November 22; the name of the main complainant has been blurred on request 

But a few members of the National Sports Club of India in Worli were robbed of this entitlement at the club’s Delhi restaurant, and now they are ready to vote out the incumbent management over this “very ridiculous” and “absolutely disgraceful” conduct. Some members of the Worli-based NSCI, who had gone to dine at its New Delhi counterpart and ordered chhole bhature on November 22, found out that they had been deprived of the complimentary slices of onions with their meal. When they took up the matter with the waiter, he failed to oblige them, saying that onions were liable to be charged. In fact, they were told that if they wanted this basic salad ingredient, they had to cough up money for a plate of green salad.

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Repelled by the frugality, the members took to the Internet to richly castigate the management for its poor decisions. Various social media portals where the members are active came alive with doubts hurled at the existing committee’s competence and assertions that the members would not be voting in favour of it. Some of the members said that they have notified the management of the gastronomical goof-up, but are yet to see any action being taken.

The members, incidentally, pay R35-50 lakh for membership of the club.

Mahavir Prasad, who was the club’s vice-president immediately before the incumbent, said, “This wasn’t the practice earlier, but now things have changed. Imagine being charged for some pieces of cut onion, which used to be complimentary with chhole bhature. Members are disgruntled. They have even complained to the management about the issue. This committee won’t get any votes from the members.”

'Get ready to cry'
A person who was party to the complaint, which was posted on the Facebook page created by the aggrieved members, said, “If these acts do not cause an adverse reaction from the members in the current elections, the whole Club will be crying soon.”

On the same page, another member said, “Management’s job is to make sure that the members get the best service and if they can’t give that then it’s better to get a new management in the coming elections. Onions charged extra (sic) is absolutely ridiculous.”

The member who had originally put up the complaint posted in the group, “It is very ridiculous that the caterer is charging extra for few cut pieces of onion with chhole bhature. Formal complaint lodged by a few members but to no avail. Very poor & substandard service of caterer, and management is sitting idle and totally ineffective.”

The current president of the club, Jayantilal Shah, said he had not yet got wind of the grievance. “I am unaware of the issue. I will look into it. As I am busy in a meeting, I will be able to reply by tomorrow.

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