Mumbai: 'Stolen' infant was abandoned by mother

Sep 27, 2014, 06:33 IST | Shirish Vaktania

The baby girl was deserted by her mother as she wanted a boy; the mother had planned the kidnapping story, and abandoned the infant in a local train the next day

The woman from Mira Road who claimed her baby was kidnapped by two women, has been booked by the Borivli railway police on Friday, for abandoning the girl.

The baby was abandoned by her mother in a local train
The baby was abandoned by her mother in a local train

Sadly, the baby was abandoned as her mother wanted a boy. Police say the mother, Seema Chaurasia, planned the whole thing because she was unhappy she gave birth to a girl. mid-day reported the ‘kidnapping’ story yesterday (‘Stolen infant found a day later in local train’). Chaurasia is in the custody of Kashimira police.

Chaurasia, a resident of Satavali at Mira Road (East), delivered a girl last year and was unhappy about it. This time also she had a girl when she wanted a boy. In her complaint registered at Kashimira police station, Chaurasia said she went to Kashimira on Tuesday night for a check up and while returning home, two women who shared a rickshaw with her kidnapped her 14-day-old baby.

She claimed the rickshaw driver ran away after this incident. But Chaurasia had actually kept the girl at her best friend’s house at Mira Road when she registered the complaint, after allegedly convincing her to keep the baby for a day. Police say she also told her husband, Ravish, who is a life maintenance worker, that the baby was kidnapped.

On Wednesday, police say she got in a train with her baby in the compartment meant for handicapped persons at Vasai railway station. But she was captured in CCTV footage. The baby, who was kept in an open bag was not spotted upto Churchgate and the train went back to Borivli station.

A constable here noticed the bag and found the baby. He immediately took her to Shatabdi hospital at Kandivli. Police later took her to Chaurasia’s house. Senior Inspector, Anil Kadam of Kashimira police station said, “On Wednesday, when we returned the girl to her mother, we found that she seemed unhappy in spite of this and interrogated her.

She then revealed that she had abandoned the baby because she wanted a boy. This is her second daughter. She planned the kidnapping story. Borivli railway police have booked her for neglecting her child and abandoning her in a train. She was captured in CCTV footage at Vasai. We have also given an application in Thane court about her wrong statement to us.”

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