Mumbai: Stopped for driving without licence, biker drags cop along for 100 m

Apr 22, 2015, 10:41 IST | Shirish Vaktania

After tricking the constable into giving him auto fare to go home and get the licence and papers, Sagar Ghosalia (22) tried to speed away; the constable, however, grabbed the biker’s collar and was dragged along

Trusting a 22-year-old biker and giving him the option of getting his driving licence and the vehicle’s papers from home proved costly for a constable from Borivli yesterday.

Constable Jagdish Zende is recuperating at Shatabdi Hospital in Kandivli
Constable Jagdish Zende is recuperating at Shatabdi Hospital in Kandivli

The devious youth tried to zoom off and, when the constable held him by the collar to stop him, he was dragged along for over 100 metres, sustaining severe injuries in the process. Before this happened, the constable had even given the youth Rs 20 to take an auto home to get the papers as the latter had claimed he had no money on him.

‘Forgot the licence’
Officials said that, around noon yesterday, Constable Jagdish Zende (32) from Borivli police station was standing in Devidas lane, Borivli West, which is an area notorious for chain snatchings.

He stopped 22-year-old Sagar Ghosalia, who was approaching on a motorcycle, and asked for his driving licence and the vehicle’s registration papers. Ghosalia told Zende that he had forgotten the licence and papers at home as he was in a rush to get to work.

When Zende asked him where he lived, Ghosalia said he lived very close to where they were, at Yogi Kripa apartment in Borivli West. Speaking to mid-day, Constable Zende said, “At that point, I asked him to leave the bike there and walk home or take an auto rickshaw and produce the licence and the papers.

I told him he could collect the bike after that. The accused also told me that he didn’t have any money with him and I gave him Rs 20 for the rickshaw fare.”

Ghosalia, who works at a private company, took the money and pretended to park the bike close to where Zende was standing and then suddenly tried to speed away. Zende reacted quickly, however, and grabbed Ghosalia’s collar, but the youth didn’t stop even though Zende was being dragged along.

“Three other bikers saw this and made Ghosalia stop by boxing him in with their motorcycles. I had already been dragged for over 100 metres by then. With the help of the bikers, I arrested Ghosalia on the spot and informed the control room. I sustained injuries on my leg and back, and was admitted to Shatabdi hospital.”

Senior Inspector Narayan Khaire of Borivli police station said, “The constable, Zende, did a great job and arrested the accused. We are verifying whether the accused owns the bike and are checking his background as well. Ghosalia was arrested under Section 307 (Attempt to murder) of the IPC, and he will be produced in court on Wednesday.”

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