Mumbai: Student alleges harassment during exams, college rubbishes claims

Mar 18, 2016, 08:51 IST | Pallavi Smart

Burhani College of Commerce in Mazgaon is again in controversy after a student has complained of alleged harassment at the hands of college authority

Burhani College of Commerce in Mazgaon is again in controversy after a student has complained of alleged harassment at the hands of college authority. In a complaint submitted to the Mumbai University (MU) Muntazir Raza, a second year of Bachelor of Commerce student of the college, has claimed of unnecessary harassment during examination time that led to loss of crucial time. While the student claims that he was subjected to this because he was among few students who spoke against the over-charging of fees by the college, the authorities instead blame student for being undisciplined during examination.

Student with NSUI members at the college

According to Raza’s complaint to the university he has lost crucial time of 45 minutes during a two and half hour examination of advertising subject on March 8 because he was being checked for carrying any chit that they did not find.

The complaint letter

“During the course of my examination an unknown supervisor checked me and answer-sheet purposely for 45 minutes wasting my precious time. After the said checking was over in which nothing was found, I realized that it was a well-planned strategy by the college authorities to disturb me mentally by wasting crucial time during my examination,” said Muntazir.

He further continued, “Moreover, the person who was present as supervisor was not from college at all. How can an outsider work as a supervisor for examination? When I raised these questions after the examination, I was promised that I would be given another attempt because I have lost on much time for no fault of mine. I believed college and went for another attempt scheduled on Thursday. But to my shock watchman of the college was instructed to restrict my entry to college.” It was after this, Muntazir approached National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) to intervene in the matter.

Heena Kanojia, coordinator at the NSUI told midday, “This is completely against the students right to appear for examination. This college has been indulging in activities against the benefit of students’ at large. Charging exorbitant fees, then intimidating students to revoke complaints, restricting admission to in-house students among all are different issues of this college which have surfaced in the past.”

While student has complained to varsity of the harassment, college authority has rubbished students’ claims. When contacted principal of the college, Haider Karrar, he refuted all allegation made by students. He said, “How can we allow another attempt to a student who has already appeared for the paper? We cannot promise any such thing. This specific student was suspected copying during the examination that day which is why the supervisor had to check him if he possessed any material on him. It might have taken some time but not as much as the student is claiming. When hundreds of students appeared for the examination peacefully, why only this student should have any problem? The student has connection with student union which is why he is creating an issue out of nothing.”

When inquired about supervisor, Karrar explained, “Even if the supervisor was an outsider the appointment was done adhering to the university regulations. Moreover there was another professor accompanying the supervisor on the examination hall leaving no room for any malpractice.”

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