Mumbai teen was gang-raped when she refused to have sex with her friend

Mar 30, 2013, 07:25 IST | Shiva Devnath

Angry that the 17- year- old girl turned down his offer for sex, the youth summoned two of his friends, abducted her and took her to a forest nearby; four more friends were called over

Investigations have revealed that many of the accused who raped a 17- yearold earlier this month were her close friends from the neighbourhood.

In fact, they ganged up on her after one of them asked her if she would have sex with him and was refused.

MiD DAY had reported about the incident yesterday (‘17- yr- old girl gang- raped by 7 men in Malad’).

When the girl turned down the offer for sex, the furious youth decided to avenge himself, and called two of his friends, asking them to be party to the act.

One of these friends was an auto rickshaw driver. The three youth gathered together, abducted the girl, pushed her inside the auto rickshaw and took her to the forests nearby.

Teenage girl gang raped
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They summoned four more friends to the spot.

All the seven accused are 20- 25 years of age and live in the same neighbourhood. While four of the accused took turns violating her, the other three stood guard and held her down.

According to the Kurar police, the matter was reported only on March 26, even though the crime was committed on March 16. The victim, who works in Borivli, was returning home around 10.30 pm on March 16 when her friend met up her with her and made the proposition.

"Being refused, the man got angry and called his friend who is an auto rickshaw driver. They forcefully took her into a forest,” said a police officer attached to the Kurar police station.

Once the deed was done, one of the accused, a close friend of the victim, dumped her outside her house and fled. The victim is a resident of Kranti Nagar in Kurar (East).

Three days after the incident, the victim broke down at her workplace. The worker of a Borivli- based NGO saw her and enquired what was wrong. The girl admitted that she was suffering from terrible cramps.

Concerned, the NGO worker took her to Bhabha Hospital, where the authorities confirmed rape. After this, she was shifted to the children’s home in Dongri.

“The Samta Nagar police got a letter from the children’s home, informing them about the girl. Since the crime took place in our jurisdiction, the case was transferred to us,” said SPI Subhas Dafle from Kurar police station.

Two accused have been arrested but five are still absconding. “ We have registered a case of gang rape on the basis of her complaint and medical reports. The accused have been arrested under section 376 ( d) and various sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act,” added Dafle.

The police also said that the girl’s presence in the children’s home is hindering their investigations.

The two persons named by the accused have been arrested. Locals in the Kurar village area are being interrogated.

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