Mumbai: Teen holding wet clothes gets electrocuted in factory

Jun 29, 2016, 16:30 IST | Rupsa Chakraborty

The teenager was delivering clothes to the factory, but they got wet in the rains; he accidentally touched the hook of a tube light and got electrocuted

A simple touch from a tube light can turn out to be fatal. A 19-year-old boy died on Sunday when the side hook of a tube light touched the wet clothes in his hands.

The factory has been locked after the incident. Pic/Sameer Markande
The factory has been locked after the incident. Pic/Sameer Markande

Maiharaj Ahmad Sheikh was on his way to deliver the clothes to a garment factory in Chembur, when it started raining and the clothes got drenched.

Maiharaj Ahmad Sheikh
Maiharaj Ahmad Sheikh

While he was walking down the narrow lane at around 4.30 pm to reach Jainul Garment factory located at Lokhandey Marg, the wet clothes accidentally touched the tube light. Live current passed through the clothes into his body, leading to instant death for the boy.

“Nothing like this has ever happened till now. I don’t think the factory has an earthing system or else this incident wouldn’t have happened,” said Saheed Sheikh, Maiharaj’s father, who has been delivering washed clothes to this factory for two decades.

Jainul and other workers took Maiharaj’s body to Rajawadi Hospital where the post-mortem was done. “Due to the sudden electric shock, his heart stopped on the spot,” said a doctor attached with the hospital.

Police says
The Tilaknagar police have locked the factory and have asked the power supplier Reliance Energy to inspect the site and report the reason behind this incident.

“The factory would be opened after the investigation is over. A case has been registered. We are not sure how the boy got electrocuted. There may be a problem with the electric connection caused by continuous rainfall. We have sent a letter to Reliance to look into the matter and provide a statement,” said investigating officer, PSI Nilesh Nagpe, adding that so far, Reliance had not provided any response.

No action has been taken against the factory owner, Jainul Sheikh, as the probe is still on.

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