Mumbai: Teen's April fool prank goes wrong as victim's mom calls cops

Apr 03, 2015, 06:27 IST | Shiva Devnath

An April Fools' prank backfired on a 13-yr-old boy who posed as a 42-yr-old man and texted his former classmate, threatening to kidnap her. Girl’s mother took the threat seriously and called cops

An April Fools’ prank backfired on a 13-year-old boy who posed as a stranger and texted his former classmate, threatening to kidnap her. He had hoped to scare the girl, but what he could not have known, was that it was her mother who read the messages, took the threat seriously and informed the police.

Since the girl was his classmate two years ago, it wasn’t too hard for the teenager to come up with personal information about her. He sent several messages to her phone, claiming to be a 42-year-old professional kidnapper. He told her he had information about her whole family, and mentioned her name, age and even said that he knew her favourite TV show.

‘I am going to kidnap you as soon as you leave from the school. I know your father and mother as well. Save yourself from my hands if you can,’ read the messages. By this time, the girl’s family was worried. But when the boy got no response, he decided to take the prank a step further. “Don’t try to ignore me. I am very dangerous,” he typed.

Not realising it was April Fools’ Day and the whole thing was merely a prank, the girl’s parents made frantic calls to relatives and the school staff to ensure their daughter was safe. “After I received the message at around 11 am, I got scared and began crying.

I informed my husband and we called our relative who lives near the school, and asked him to go there. He informed her teacher about the threat and ensured that our daughter did not get on the school bus and waited for us to reach the school instead,” said the girl’s mother.

Once the parents reached the school and found their daughter safe, they went to the Santacruz police station, where cops began ringing the boy’s number. When the boy did not pick up the calls, the cops messaged him. At this point, the boy got nervous and began sending apologetic messages to the girl’s number.

He said he was only joking and hoped that she had not taken offence. ‘Did you tell the police? I am getting calls from them. Please tell them not to call me; I was only joking,’ he messaged. The Santacruz police then asked the family to go to the Oshiwara police station for further investigation, since the mother had first received the messages at their residence in Lokhandwala.

It was the Oshiwara police who extracted the boy’s address, using his phone number, and the girl’s family were shocked to learn that the ‘kidnapper’ was none other than their daughter’s classmate! However, the boy eventually got away with the prank as the girl’s family did not want to file a complaint. Instead, they were satisfied to let him off with just a warning.

Joke’s on you
The 13-year-old boy was armed with plenty of information about his former classmate and tried to use it to persuade her that he was serious about kidnapping her. The girl’s mother took the threat seriously and called the police. When he started getting calls from the cops, the boy then began to send apologetic messages to the girl’s number.

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