Mumbai theatre guide: Chart out your Thespo trip

Updated: 11 December, 2016 14:22 IST | Jane Borges and Benita Fernando |

Catch all the drama of the 18th edition of the city's hottest youth theatre fest, which hits venues from December 12 to 17

Unveiling the mask

Dec. 17, 7 pm, Prithvi HOUSE: Catch this play that takes inspiration from Bhil traditions of dance and drama. Bhool explores the complexities of human relationships. The characters find themselves learning to understand and deal with each other, society at large and in the end, themselves.

A girl in the city

Dec 16, 9 pm, Prithvi theatre: In this English-Kannada solo piece, Ranjitha Sakleshpur talks about being with yourself in a city full of people. The show raises several questions: Who are you when you are not watched? And, who are you when even you don’t watch yourself? Are you a person who seeks vulnerability or someone who escapes into the arms of familiar pain?

Tales of a night watchman

Dec. 14, 9 pm, Prithvi theatre: Pune-based theatre company Theatron Entertainment brings the haunting story about a quirky night watchman in Bhanvar. The Hindi play begins with Bhanvar Singh standing outside his factory for one last shift. But, as the shift gets extended, he gets torn between his duty and self-preservation.

Chugtai revisited

Dec 13, 9 pm, Prithvi theatre: Ismat Chugtai’s controversial story Lihaaf gets a fresh twist in this inter-disciplinary Hindustani production by newly formed theatre company, Tricycle. The play is about Ismat, a quarrelsome 11-year-old girl who is sent off to be with her mysterious aunt, Begum jaan, while her mother is away. In the strange world that she enters, Ismat uncovers secrets that would rather have been left tucked away.

Torn between dharma and karma

Dec 14, 7 pm, Prithvi house: In this Hindi play, a folk artiste realises that his dead cow’s soul has come into his percussion instrument Chenda. The artiste is now at crossroads of his dharma and karma. Chenda is a popular instrument used in South India, and is covered with animal’s skin, usually taken from the abdomen of a cow.

Life of Draupadi

Dec 15, 8 pm, Prithvi foyer: Paanchavali is an off-beat Hindi play, which is based on one of the many stories of the Mahabharata. Here, Draupadi is seen talking to her mother ‘Agni’ about her relationships with the different men in her life. She starts revealing secrets about her five husbands, about herself and describes the complex relationships she shared with the men in her life.

Set the score

Dec 13, 2 pm – 5 PM, Prithvi House: The use of music in performance cannot be underestimated and that’s exactly what UK-based musician Wilf Petherbridge is going to stress in this workshop, titled Harmony on stage. Meant for musicians, writers, directors and anyone who is interested, the workshop will introduce exercises to enhance a scene with music.
Entry: Rs 600

Get started with the Suzuki method

Dec 15, 10 am – 1 PM, Prithvi House: UK-based artiste and student nurse, Josephine Joy, has trained in theatre and choreography. Her workshop focuses on training the body for performance using the Suzuki method, a physically and mentally intense form of actor training. The prep is intense that it is said that it’s not for the faint-hearted, so
watch out.
Entry: Rs 600

Lose your inhibitions

Dec 16, 10 am – 2 PM, Prithvi House: Tune in to your funny side with Clowning Around by Trina Haldar. The workshop aims to get participants started on playing the fool, tell stories, joke and discover their lighter side. Haldar is creative director of Mashi Theatre, UK.
Entry: Rs 600

First Published: 11 December, 2016 12:37 IST

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