Mumbai: There was no shoot at Wilson College, claims Education dept

Feb 23, 2015, 07:07 IST | Shreya Bhandary

A day after mid-day reported that an ad was being shot while students wrote their HSC exams, the Mumbai divisional board received a report denying any such event took place

A day after mid-day wrote about Wilson College at Chowpatty allowing outsiders to shoot an ad film on their campus on the day HSC exams commenced (Again, Mumbai college allows film shoot on board exam day, February 22), the Mumbai divisional board office has received a report from the Education department saying no such event took place.

The vans parked in the campus for the shoot on February 21
The vans parked in the campus for the shoot on February 21

The college had been pulled up by the police and divisional board, for allowing an ad film to be shot on its premises during the board exams last year as well. The board had requested the zonal education inspector to check on the college, after some professors complained about the shoot on campus, as hundreds of students appeared for the HSC exams.

The report, however, says that no such event took place, despite mid-day having pictures showing that the set-up was ready. The shoot was moved to the hostel after intervention from the collector’s office. “We got a first-hand report from the education inspector, who said no shoot was taking place.

Later on, I also spoke to the college authorities ,and they said that the news of shooting taking place was spread by some insiders but with no proof,” said Laxmikant Pande, chairman of the Mumbai divisional board. He added that despite the report, board members will once again look into the matter, and also talk to college authorities about their role in this issue.

What the rules say
According to the rules and regulations formulated by the Maharashtra State Board for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE), schools/colleges selected as exam centres cannot conduct any function on campus that could lead to any form of disturbance for students appearing for their exams.

“These rules have been in place for the longest time and exam centres are very clear about the same. The exam centre in-charge should know that any function or activity of this sort can cause commotion and noise, which is not fair to the students,” said another senior board member.

“We don’t need to repeat what is already in place, but schools and colleges cannot rent their campus for any events other than educational, especially during exams. While exams are on — board or school exams — no function can be held, so as to avoid disturbing children writing their papers,” added Pande.

Wedding in Parel
There was also the report of a school in Parel, where the management had allowed a wedding to be conducted in their auditorium, just when HSC students were appearing for their first language paper. However, zonal education inspectors visited the institute and found that no student was disturbed because of the same.

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