Mumbai: Thief finally excretes necklace, but owner refuses to wear it

May 01, 2015, 06:49 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Nearly 60 bananas and 4 enemas later, Anil Yadav finally excretes the gold necklace he swallowed; owner says she is going to give it to a jeweller to get it melted and get some other ornament made from it

The 2.5-tola necklace that had been making the police and doctors go bananas for three days was finally excreted by the thief, Anil Yadav (30), yesterday. The relieved, but grossed-out, owner of the Rs 63,000 mangalsutra told mid-day that she is not even going to take the necklace out of the plastic bag that she will get it in.

The washed necklace after it came out from Anil Yadav
The washed necklace after it came out from Anil Yadav

She said she will take it straight to a jeweller to get it melted and get some other ornament made from the gold. Yadav, meanwhile, told the police that he is a farmer from Beed who had fallen on tough times and in bad company, which led him to commit the crime.

It’s out
Yadav had stolen the necklace and swallowed it on Monday afternoon and had been taken to Sion Hospital the same evening. With the mangalsutra’s large pendant hindering its movement and preventing it from coming out the natural way, doctors had fed Yadav over 60 bananas and given him 4 enemas in three days.

Rajeshri Mayekar

They were even contemplating taking the surgical route, until the necklace popped out last morning. Speaking to mid-day, a doctor from the hospital said, “We wanted to avoid performing a surgery on Yadav. We kept him on a special diet and gave him lots of bananas, milk and antacid tablets.

We also gave him four enemas. The necklace with the pendant would have had an adverse effect on Yadav’s health had it stayed in longer, but we wanted to try and get it out the natural way.” “At 8.30 am today (Thursday) Yadav finally excreted the necklace. It was washed and sealed in a plastic bag,” he added.

Farming to thieving
Yadav was discharged from the hospital last evening and handed over to the police. “Yadav’s remand papers were submitted in the court on Thursday. He has been remanded in judicial custody till May 5 and we sent him to Arthur Road jail in the night,” said an officer.

Speaking to mid-day before he was handed over to the cops, Yadav said, “I belong to a very poor family from Jamkhed village in Beed. I am a farmer and got married just eight months ago. I suffered a huge loss this year and, thus, came to Mumbai on April 12 to earn some money as I have old parents and my wife to support.”

“Once I reached the city, however, I fell in the company of bad people. They made use of my alcohol addiction and gave me the idea to commit the crime. I was drunk when I stole the necklace. I am innocent and my poor financial situation has made me commit this crime,” he added. A police officer confirmed that this is the first case against Yadav and said that his calloused hands support his claim of being a farmer.

Touch me not
Housewife Rajeshri Mayekar, (52) the owner of the necklace, told mid-day, “I am very happy that the necklace is out. It was, after all, bought with hard-earned money. I won’t use the necklace, however, and won’t even touch it.

I will hand it over to the jeweller in the packet in which I get it from the police. I will ask the jeweller to melt the necklace and make some other ornament out of the gold.”

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