Mumbai: Thief swallows gold chain, fed 24 bananas before it pops out

Jul 29, 2015, 06:36 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar and Diya Sakhuja

A 21-yr-old chain snatcher had to go through a three-day ordeal after he snatched and swallowed a gold necklace worth Rs 30,000; he was fed nearly 24 bananas, given laxatives before the chain popped out

While he was used to his activities proving to be an ordeal for his victims, a 21-year-old habitual chain snatcher found himself at the receiving end earlier this month after he swallowed a stolen gold necklace in a futile bid to hide it.

The chain that was swallowed by the 21-year-old
The chain that was swallowed by the 21-year-old

Over the course of the next three days, he had to eat nearly two dozen bananas, take laxatives and drink several litres of milk to make the chain come out the natural way. All this, of course, was apart from the strain involved in actually excreting out a fairly large chain made of metal links.

The complainant in the case, a 45-year-old woman whose name is being withheld, was travelling to her home in Mahalaxmi after meeting her daughter on July 19. Around 11:15 pm, she was walking home from the station and when she was crossing Dhobi Ghat, a man walking parallel to her snatched her gold chain, worth Rs 30,000, and fled.

The woman raised an alarm and several people began to give chase. Seeing the mob following him, the thief, who was later identified as habitual chain snatcher Hussain Shaikh (21), a resident of Dhobi Ghat, swallowed the gold chain.

Some of the people, however, saw Shaikh do this and they noticed him burping when they caught hold of him. A beat marshal noticed the crowd and asked the woman what had happened. Officials from the Agripada police station also reached the spot, arrested Shaikh and took him to the police station.

Inspector Raghunath Mahale from Agripada police station said, “When we saw Shaikh, we realised that we had apprehended a known chain snatcher who had been arrested several times in the past as well.

Nevertheless, we conducted a thorough investigation. The duty officer, Assistant Inspector S S Suryawanshi, took him to Nair Hospital where an X-ray confirmed that he had swallowed the gold chain.”

Over the course of the next three days, Shaikh was fed nearly 24 bananas, given laxatives and made to drink several glasses of milk. The gold chain finally came out in his stool on July 22. Shaikh was discharged on July 23, taken into custody and presented before a magistrate’s court. The woman has filed an application to retrieve her gold chain.

This one had 60!
mid-day had reported in April how Anil Yadav (30) had excreted out a Rs 63,000 necklace, with a large pendant, three days after snatching it from Rajeshri Mayekar, a 52-year-old housewife, and swallowing it to avoid getting arrested.

Yadav had been fed 60 bananas and given four enemas in a bid to get the necklace out, and doctors were contemplating taking the surgical route when it popped out the third day.

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