Mumbai: TISS completes inquiry in molestation case on campus

Feb 19, 2016, 13:05 IST | Pallavi Smart

A female student had alleged a male student pushed her; but the institute says it cannot be proved if it was intentional

The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) has completed an inquiry in the case of a female student claiming molestation on campus and submitted the report to the police. According to the report, the student was pushed during a scuffle, however there is no way of proving if it was intentional. An inquiry is on in another complaint made by the boy who was accused of pushing the female student. He claims he was subjected to caste remarks during the scuffle.

Dr. S Parsuraman, director of the institute, said, “Our inquiry is over and we have submitted the report to police as well as the National Commission for Women since the female student had complained to the sexual harassment committee. Police will now take final call on their investigation. It was established that the girl was pushed during a scuffle in an argument between two groups of students after a lecture. But whether the push was intentional couldn’t be proved, as we do not have CCTV footage. But pushing anybody is also inappropriate.”

He further added, “The boy who is accused of pushing, happens to be from the reserved category, and has also complained of caste remarks against him. We are inquiring in his complaint.”

What happened
In the last week of July, cross complaints were filed by two students of TISS. A female student claimed of molestation and the boy student who was accused of it, alleged derogatory remarks against him on the basis of his caste. Both students are from Masters of social work.

The institute conducts lectures by experts from different sectors as co-curricular activities. One such lecture was held on plagiarism and several students attended it. A student told midday, “After the lecture reached the question answer round, two students from the second year of Masters of social work got into an argument. Following the incident complaints were filed by both with the institute.”

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