Mumbai: Traffic police to unclog Haji Ali junction for two hours

Feb 24, 2015, 07:13 IST | Shashank Rao

In a relief to motorists travelling from Dr E Moses Marg, between 7 and 9 pm, vehicles will be allowed to go straight to Peddar Road, without taking a detour from Tardeo Road

The Haji Ali junction an arterial road and a perennial nightmare for motorists has stopped vehicular movement to Mahalaxmi directly from the junction for more than three years now.

Recently, however, after the suggestion from local residents, Mumbai traffic police will allow vehicles to move towards Mahalaxmi on Peddar road via the junction, on a trial basis.

According to the proposal, between 7 pm and 9 pm, the barricades placed just before the signal on Dr E Moses Marg will be removed. During the two hours, vehicles can use this road to go straight to Peddar road.

For the remaining time, motorists have to take a left for Tardeo road, take a U-turn from SoBo Central mall, and then proceed towards Peddar Road.

“We are planning to carry out the project for one month and see if the new system affects the road traffic pattern. At one time, at least 450 vehicles pass through this junction,” informed B K Upadhyay, joint commissioner (traffic).

However, even the width of Moses Marg converges, reducing the road for one-lane traffic. Locals have suggested that authorities demolish part of the footpath and take the toilet block behind to create an additional lane.

“It can then be used for vehicles to take a left, while motorists going straight can use the signal, which is currently shut,” said Pramod Jain, a volunteer and vice president of Malabar Hill Active Residents Foundation.

Traffic signal woes
The time at the junction for all traffic signals is 180 seconds, which is divided depending on the density of vehicles on a road. For example, the arterial Haji Ali road also known as VIP in traffic police parlance has a green signal for 60 seconds in both the directions. For vehicles coming from SoBo Central, the signal is open for 30 seconds.

“The idea is to ease traffic in the area. I have spoken to all authorities to clear any hurdles,” said MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha. Residents of the area want 16 seconds of stop signal at Tardeo road, without reducing the time given to the main VIP road traffic signal.

According to sources, the signal is shut longer as the increased vehicular traffic towards Peddar Road is an eyesore for the VIPs, ministers and bureaucrats using the Haji Ali junction. mid-day is told that authorities had decided to stop vehicles coming from Mahalaxmi to go directly to Peddar Road for the same reason.

60 seconds
The time the signal is open for vehicles on Haji Ali road

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