Mumbai travel: Explore the magnificent Kanheri Caves

May 28, 2016, 08:20 IST | Krysta Pancras

An exploratory walk into this ancient Buddhist site should make for an engaging Sunday detour

  A tour of the magnificent Kanheri Caves offers a chance to look at the first century viharas or dwellings, in new light. The trail, which will explore the massive basalt caves, is organised by Architails, a team of five architecture students who recently started an Instagram profile to capture the intricate details of architectural structures.

While many are aware of the origins of this ancient Buddhist site, Amey Dalvi, from Architails, says, “We want to share the lesser known stories and beautiful details that they might have missed even if they have been there before.”

The team will delve into the construction, structural and functional details of the area, including what a particular cave was used for. Also on the schedule is an interactive query session, followed by a photo and sketching competition. “Rather than conducting a regular photo-walk, where people wander around the site, and click photos, we want participants to understand the importance of the intricate details as well as their uses,” explained Dalvi.

The group that recently racked up 1,000 followers on their Instagram profile, decided to celebrate the mini milestone by hosting their first architectural walking tour of a structure that they all share a love for.

“Many vistors misuse the caves or treat it as a picnic spot. We want to educate people on the relevane of this site and how it should be treated,” informed team member, Milan Jain. The tour will be guided by the five students and their mentor, architect Sujit Jadhav.

On: May 29, 9 am onwards
At: Kanheri Caves, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali (W).
Cost: Rs 30;
Call: 9833976340 

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