Mumbai: Varsity law students still await correct exam dates

Oct 28, 2014, 00:20 IST | Shreya Bhandary

The website had advanced the exams last week, but an official had said the correct timetable would be put up on Monday; but even by late evening yesterday, the site still displayed incorrect dates for some exams

Law students across the city anxiously waited on Monday for the University of Mumbai to declare the correct dates for their exams, which had been pre-poned as per the varsity website last Wednesday. Officials had promised the correct timetable would be put up by Monday.

Mumbai University
The incorrect exam schedules were still on the university website yesterday, worsening the situation for students as well as law colleges. File pic

However, even late on Monday evening, the university website was still displaying incorrect dates for some of the law examinations. This prolonged confusion added to the anxiety of students.

The goof up
The law exams were slated to begin on December 2, but the new timetable released on Wednesday on the university website showed that the exams will begin on November 11. mid-day was the first to report the goof up, ‘Mumbai University site advances law exams, official says timetable incorrect’ on October 24.

“We had contacted our teachers, who contacted university officials, who confirmed that the schedule on the university website is wrong and the correct schedule will be uploaded on Monday. Today we were shocked to see that even our college has posted the wrong schedule on its website. We are confused as to when our exams finally begin,” said a second year student of Government Law College, Churchgate.

She added that most students have tried contacting their college authorities, as the university helpline has not been of much help in this issue. Last week, the university controller of examinations, Dinesh Bonde had told mid-day that due to lack of staff during Diwali holidays, the correct exam timetable for law students will be uploaded on the university website on October 27. The fact that incorrect exam schedules are still on the website, was worsening the situation for students as well as law colleges across the city.

On Monday, Bonde said, “The process of updating the exam schedules is already on and by the end of the day, the correct schedules should be on the website. Colleges will be informed about the same.” However, even late yesterday evening, none of the law institutes had any intimation from the university.

“We were previously informed that exams for semester I, III, V, VII and IX will start in December while exams for semesters II, IV, VI, VIII and X will start on November 17. We were shocked to find that the first semester exams were beginning on November 11 itself. Despite repeatedly calling the university helpline, there was no answer,” said Srividya Jayakumar, principal of Law College, Thane. She added that with students inquiring about the issue, principals had to check with each other to clear doubts.

“Some of the principals got through to the university officials and were informed that the dates for exams are incorrect in some cases and the correct schedules will be released on Monday,” she added.

With no clarity, law students have stared preparing for their exams keeping in mind the timetable that is already on the university website.

University spokesperson Leeladhar Bansod said, “Of the exams for 16 semesters in LLB and LLM, 12 timetables were uploaded by Monday evening and four others will be uploaded by 11 am on Tuesday. Colleges will be informed too.”

Did you know?

The name of the institute, Government Law School, was changed to Government Law College in 1925. In 1938, the college was converted into a full-time institution.

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