Mumbai: Victim of Khar train mishap says she can't remember incident

Jul 23, 2015, 06:57 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

The ad agency employee and her colleague had walked on the tracks from Khar station to search for her phone, which had fallen down; the duo was hit by a train, resulting in the death of her colleague

The survivor of the Khar railway mishap that occurred earlier this month is unable to recall the mishap at all. Police said the 22-year-old advertising agency employee has no memory of the time her phone slipped from her hands when thieves hit her hand, to the time she and her colleague walked on the railway tracks to find her phone and got knocked down by a Churchgate-bound train.

The incident had occurred on June 30, when Niyanta Mirjankar (22) and Jeremy Fernandes (25) were going home from their workplace in Goregaon. Mirjankar is a Bandra resident while Fernandes stayed at Charni Road. The duo was standing at the door with their phones in their hand, when two thieves hit Mirjankar’s hand with a pole, causing the device to slip from her hands and fall out of the train.

This occurred between Santacruz and Khar, and the duo alighted at Khar and walked back on the tracks to search for the phone. They were run down by a Churchgate-bound slow local train, leading to Fernandes’ death and injuring Mirjankar.

'Can’t remember'
The Bandra Government Railway Police (GRP), who arrested two men for stealing the phone, told mid-day that Mirjankar remembers the incident only till the point the phone fell from her hand and, after this, directly remembers waking up in a hospital. Bandra GRP cops said Mirjankar is currently recuperating at home.

A police officer said, “Niyanta does not remember anything after she was hit by the accused. She does not remember going with Jeremy to the railway tracks and the subsequent accident. The family consulted a doctor, who said she is fine.” Another police officer added, “She told us she heard about the incident from her parents and media reports.

She was also told about Jeremy’s death later. Both were very good friends.” The cops added that they had visited the hospital five times when Mirja-nkar was admitted there, and even went to her house a couple of days ago to meet her.

But, cops said, Mirjankar maintained she doesn’t remember anything after she was hit and before she woke up in a Bandra hospital. The police have given her time till tomorrow to record her statement. She may be even called to the police station for the statement.

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